The Easiest Way To Extend Your 30 Day Visa on Arrival in Bali

Ever thought about retiring on a tropical island, if only for a few months? We sure have! It’s no secret that we love Bali and especially Ubud where we have rented a villa and lived for severals months at a time. Hence, the reason why we try to stay as long as we can! But did you know that living in Bali for an extended period of time is fairly easy if you plan in advance? The only real issue, which is easily arranged, is getting the right visa for Bali. We have gone through the process several times and we’ll cover the entire process of how to extend your 30-day visa on arrival in Bali.

We’ll walk you through what we think is the easiest way of extending your visa in Bali but also explain how to extend it on your own as well as highlight the different visas that are available.

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