We are Victoria and Adam, the Vegans with Appetites. As the epitome of foodies, we eat our way around the world searching out the ultimate vegan culinary hotspots, best restaurants, and must-try local food. You could say that our favorite part of traveling is experiencing the world through food. By sharing our experiences eating croissants in Italy, devouring Indian dosas, falling in love with Ethiopian injera bread, and dreaming about Sri Lankan jackfruit curries, we want to show you that it’s possible, even easy, to travel the world cruelty-free.

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The Foodie’s Guide to Eating Vegan in Warsaw, Poland

After HappyCow published a list of the 10 Top Vegan Cities In The World and Warsaw was number 3, we knew we had to scope the vegan scene out for ourselves. And let's...

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Best Vegan Restaurants in Malmö – Sweden’s Most Vegan-Friendly City

In a few years Malmö went from having a couple of specialized vegan places to an impressive scene of great vegan food within walking distance from anywhere in the...

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Eating Vegan in Thailand – Helpful Thai Phrases and Tips

Thailand is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world and for a good reason. The affordability and ease of traveling the country coupled with the food,...

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Indian Food in Georgetown, Penang – Everything You Need to Know

One of the most fascinating aspects with Penang is the bustling and colorful little India. It covers the area of about 4 X 4 streets and is packed full...

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How to Travel Sustainably

et’s face it. The Earth is in shambles and we are the ones to blame for it. Our love for plastic, consumption of animal products, and addiction to fossil...

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Ethiopian Food – A Mind-Blowing Eating Experience

You know when you find out about one of the most flavorful and vegan-friendly cuisines in the world and you can't possibly understand how you didn't know about it...

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