Hi and welcome to Vegans with Appetites, a vegan lifestyle blog. Our mission behind Vegans with Appetites is to make transitioning to and leading a vegan life as easy as possible. Whether it’s travel or fashion, we hope to help you along the way. 

For the past several years, we have traveled the world full time without a home. Our food-infused journey has taken us to the ultimate vegan culinary hotspots and best restaurants as well as introduced us to must-try local dishes. As a matter of fact, our favorite part of traveling is experiencing the world through food. That's why most of our favorite travel memories are connected to eating such as devouring Indian masala dosas, falling in love with the Ethiopian cuisine and hunting down the best vegan gelato in Rome.

We travel to discover local cuisines to have our minds blown by the traditional food of the countries we visit. Lucky enough, many of the world's greatest culinary delights and our favorite cuisines are extremely vegan-friendly.