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Beware - known to eat anyone under the table, often gets hangry, snaps if someone touches her food and is always - no matter what - “served less than everyone around her.”

She has an unquestionable love and compassion for animals and stops to greet every four legged stray she meets. This usually proves to be time consuming and tests Adam's patience but is nevertheless an absolute priority. She is also an avid world traveler that, among other things, has taught English in the Republic of Georgia, cared for abandoned stray cats and dogs in Thailand, and volunteered with disaster relief in the Philippines.


Can often be found in the kitchen where he stretches his abilities to keep Victoria’s hanger at an acceptable level. Nothing makes him happier than freshly baked bread and the smell of garlic. He’ll eat whatever he’s been served, try to recreate whatever he has eaten, and rarely thinks of anything other than food. 

Adam generally lacks self-discipline and would probably eat himself to death if Victoria didn’t watch his back. He also has an addiction to travel and a restlessness that keeps him in constant movement around the world.


They both traveled solo for years on end until they met in Vang Vieng, Laos in 2013. Nowadays they are on a food-infused journey together and have no idea where they’ll be in a year or even a month from now. What they do know is that they will keep seeking out the best vegan food around whether it’s in Sri Lanka or New York, home cooked or fast food, street food or high-end. They eat a lot, almost constantly, but promise to only share the best of the best with you.

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