Best Digital Nomad Cities for Vegans in 2021

Best Digital Nomad Cities

Traveling around the world full time without a home means that we try to find places that fit our needs as a temporary base. For us to consider a city or location a good destination for vegan digital nomads it has to live up to certain expectations.

First off, a location has to offer affordable living conditions that are worth the price. It could potentially be a centrally located apartment with good amenities and a comfortable living area that can function as an office, or a house with a pool, garden, and preferably a view. We are flexible though, and the only absolute must is high-speed internet since we work online and spend most of the day connected.

Second, the destination needs to offer great vegan food both in terms of restaurants but also at grocery stores and markets. As you probably already know, food is one of the most important aspects of our everyday life. In fact, few things make us as happy as eating, and we get bored when our options are limited.

In recent years, we have been really spoiled when it comes to vegan restaurants around the world, and our expectations are getting higher and higher by the day. Naturally, the places on the following list are as much foodie destinations as they are optimal working spots while still being affordable.

The following five destinations are what we consider the best destinations for vegan digital nomads.


Best Digital Nomad Cities

Bali has been like a second home to us since we first set foot in Ubud two years ago, and we're not alone. Every year, thousands of digital nomads flock to Ubud to enjoy the tranquility of the town and get an opportunity to work with a view of the rice fields in a private villa, or at the famous Hubud co-working space with monkeys running across the roof.

The prices are also incredibly affordable especially for the value you get. There is well-maintained accommodation for both budget travelers on a budget and digital nomads looking for a little extra. Case in point, you can rent your own villa with a private pool in Ubud without breaking the bank.

Moreover, there is just something magical about Ubud. You could say there is a special energy in the air that you can’t shake after you’ve experienced it and that forces you to come back again and again. Everyone that we’ve met that has been to Ubud knows what we're talking about. There is a unique almost spiritual appeal to Ubud that sucks you in and captivates you.

What makes Ubud even better for vegan digital nomads like us is the abundance of amazing vegan food. In fact, Ubud might have one of the highest densities of all-vegan restaurants in the world, and most of it is great quality.

In fact, Ubud was the first destination that we had ever visited where we could eat out three times a day for months and always try something new without ever getting bored.

All in all, Ubud is one of the best digital nomad locations in the world as well as a vegan paradise, and there is no wonder why it tops our list of the best digital nomad cities.

  • Vegan Food Scene: Great
  • WiFi Speed: 8-20 Mbps, coworking spaces and cafes offer faster internet speeds
  • Affordability: $800-$1,200 per month
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Best Digital Nomad Cities

If you had told us a year ago that Warsaw would be one of our favorite places in the world we would have never believed you. It just felt unlikely that we would fall in love with a major capital in northeastern Europe. Yet here we are, daydreaming about Warsaw on the regular and telling everyone we run into that they have to visit.

So what is it about Warsaw that makes it so unique and what makes it one of the best digital nomad cities?

It didn’t take long before we realized what a gem Warsaw is. Even though we arrived on a glooming and quite chilly day in September, we were instantly struck by the cleanliness and fresh atmosphere of the Polish capital.

And as soon as we realized that we had booked an Airbnb within walking distance to the majority of all vegan restaurants in Warsaw, the excitement was uncontrollable. Not to mention that the selection of vegan food is one of the most varied and impressive we’ve ever come across. But there is more to Warsaw than the amazing vegan food and the clean streets.

As two people who don’t usually like major cities we were surprised to feel really at home in Warsaw. The city felt inviting, commuting is as easy as it gets, and the Polish capital is generallyvery accessible. And thanks to coworking space created and run by Google, Warsaw boasts some of the fastest WiFi we've ever come across, easily making it one of the best places for digital nomads in Europe.

And let’s not forget the people. Honestly, the Polish people are some of the nicest we’ve met anywhere in the world. After having spent most of our twenties in Asia, fighting for every step you take on the sidewalk, we couldn’t tell you how awesome it felt to be in a city where everyone politely walks out of your way, holds open doors, and greets you with a genuine smile.

  • Vegan Food Scene: Great
  • WiFi Speed: 35-50 Mbps
  • Affordability: $1,000-$1,600 per month
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Best Digital Nomad Cities

We won’t lie to you, we didn't fall in love with Lisbon at first. That being said, there is no doubt that Lisbon is one of the most promising tech cities in the world and a great spot for digital nomads in Europe.

With a government that focuses on start-ups and encourages entrepreneurship and a large selection of great coworking spaces, the possibilities for digital nomads are endless. Combine that with affordable rent prices for what’s offered - we rented one of the nicest apartments we’ve ever stayed at in Lisbon - and you have a great base for any digital nomad.

In addition, Lisbon has an up and coming vegan scene that continues to grow and has a lot of potential. And let’s be real, the weather in Lisbon is hard to beat, even compared to most of southern Europe. The summers are sunny and warm with a constant but very pleasant breeze, and in the winters the temperature drops to levels that are just enough for you to want the summer to come back.

In the end, we are never surprised when we see Lisbon topping lists of the best cities for digital nomads, and we have good reasons to include the city on our list as well.

  • Vegan Food Scene: Good
  • WiFi Speed: 25-35 Mbps
  • Affordability: $800-$1,300 per month
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Best Digital Nomad Cities

As we mentioned, Bali is like a second home to us and even though Ubud will always have a special place in our heart, there are other great places for digital nomads to check out on the Island of Gods. Canggu is a sleepy but up and coming beach town just outside of Seminyak. Due to Canggu’s proximity to world-class surf breaks, the town has been blessed with a relaxed classic surf-like atmosphere that easily makes you stick around for longer than you intended.

Compared to Ubud, Canggu has several perks that we often end up missing after spending so much time in Ubud. The biggest difference is that Canggu actually has a nightlife and a great one at that. Some of the most iconic bars in Bali are located in Canggu, such as Old Man’s, Deus Ex Machina, and Pretty Poison.

It might sound silly but after a few months relaxing and doing yoga in Ubud it can be nice to get out of the house to socialize over a couple of drinks.

Canggu is also a “newer” destination compared to Ubud and only really became famous a few years ago, which has resulted in a lot of new modern accommodation. Instead of the classic wooden houses that you usually find in Ubud, Canggu offers nicer and more modern villas and hotels. Moreover, the wifi speed tends to be slightly higher which is obviously a plus for digital nomads.

Just like Ubud, Canggu also offers great vegan food with some of the world’s prettiest smoothie bowls, Bali’s greasiest vegan burgers, and some epic Mexican food.

  • Vegan Food Scene: Good
  • WiFi Speed: 10-20 Mbps, coworking spaces and cafes offer faster internet speeds
  • Affordability: $800-$1,200 per month
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Best Digital Nomad Cities

Budapest has literally blown up and become one of the most popular places for digital nomads in the past year. It seems like every digital nomad out there has been to Budapest and very few have anything negative to say about the city, which we can understand. This ancient European capital has a lot of appealing things going for it.

We ended up spending a month in Budapest and it often felt like time was flying by and that we didn’t get to do or see nearly as much as we had planned for our visit.

Budapest boasts some seriously delicious vegan restaurants. Vegan digital nomads will get to enjoy some amazing vegan fast food and try local delights that we still fantasize about such as cheese-filled schnitzel and heartwarming bean goulash.

The list of reasons why Budapest is such a top destination for digital nomads quickly becomes excessively long. The cultural heritage, booming digital nomad scene, exciting nightlife, and world-class spas seem to be perks that everyone visiting Budapest truly enjoys.

Budapest is easily one of the best digital nomad cities in the world, and if you haven't been yet we would encourage you to check it out during the summer.

  • Vegan Food Scene: Great
  • WiFi Speed: 25-50 Mbps
  • Affordability: $700-$1,200 per month
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