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The Best Yoga Studio in Ubud, Bali in 2018

Although there are tons of yoga schools in Bali, Ubud is renowned worldwide for being a yogi mecca. We ourselves are far from yogis and even though we’ve both done yoga occasionally, we’ve never gotten into it on a regular basis.

However, last time we returned to Ubud, we decided it was time to start taking it seriously. And let’s be honest, what better place to develop a yoga routine than in Ubud?

There are numerous yoga studios in Ubud to choose from and the selection is varied. Each yoga studio offers something different, and it shouldn’t be difficult for you to find a studio that fits your needs and preferences.

We tried several yoga classes in Ubud with mixed experiences. In the end, we enjoyed Intuitive Flow, a yoga studio in Penestanan, the most so that is where we did most of our classes.

Here are our 4 reasons why we think Intuitive Flow is the best studio for doing yoga in Ubud.

4 Reasons Why Intuitive Flow Offers the Best Yoga in Ubud

Ubud yoga

1. Ubud Yoga Class With a View

Intuitive Flow is nestled in the hills of Penestanan - our favorite place in Ubud where we prefer to rent villas - located to the west of the city center. Compared to most other areas in Ubud, Penenstanan is quite secluded and being surrounded by nature has its perks, especially when doing yoga.

Intuitive Flow boasts some of the most stunning views overlooking the Campuhan Ridge Walk, Mount Agung, and the rice fields. If you are looking to zen out and practice yoga in a calm serene place with beautiful scenery, this is the place.

The view alone is well worth a visit to this Ubud yoga studio but fortunately, Intuitive Flow has much more to offer.

2. The Small Class Size

Another perk that drove us to Intuitive Flow was the small class size. It’s common to find yoga studios in Ubud like the Yoga Barn and Radiantly Alive that hold classes of upwards of 60 students at once, which in our opinion, makes for a cramped and overwhelming experience.

The class size at Intuitive Flow is much smaller than other Ubud yoga classes, and there is usually anywhere from 5 to 15 people in a class, never more. This is a huge plus for us because it means there is ample space to move and more importantly, that the teachers are able to offer adjustments to anyone that needs them.

At Intuitive Flow, you get a relaxed class focused on doing yoga and not cramming as many people as possible at once.

Ubud yoga

3. The Teachers

The teachers at Intuitive Flow are truly great, and it’s evident that they are very passionate about teaching yoga. You will have several teachers to choose from depending on the class you take and the time of the day.

There is a great range of yoga classes taught including hatha, vinyasa flow, yin yoga, and slower paced classes. There are classes for all levels offered at Intuitive Flow including beginner classes and more moderate classes. You can find Intuitive Flow's yoga schedule on their website.

Our favorite yoga teachers in Ubud were Anu, a Finnish girl who just embodied the spirit of yoga and gave clear directions and offered several different positions depending on your level.

Purnama - a Balinese yogi that will have you laughing and enjoying even the hardest poses. His classes were truly a delight, and he focused on engaging the full body from start to finish and explained the physical benefits of each position. Purnama also ends each class by emphasizing the importance of laughter every day, his smile is contagious.

Kay is an Australian lady that taught the best yin yoga class in Ubud. She is clear, thoughtful, and used a lot of Chinese meridian points to go with the poses. Kay's classes are seriously deep and if you’re in need of releasing some tension, we highly recommend her. The other teachers at Intuitive Flow are also great, and each one brings something different to their yoga classes.

4. The Affordability

Intuitive Flow offers the cheapest yoga packages in Ubud. Seriously, the value you get for the price is incredible. A drop in class will set you back 120,000 IDR ($8.70) but they offer three different yoga class packages. The first is 5 classes and it costs 400,000 IDR ($30), the next is 10 classes for 600,000 IDR ($45), and lastly they offer 15 classes for 825,000 IDR ($60).

There are few other places in the world, if any, that offer such affordable yoga classes for such a great value with an amazing view, engaged and small class size, and fabulous teachers.

The affordability is just another reason why Intuitive Flow is one of the best yoga studios in Ubud. In addition, Intuitive Flow offers yoga teacher training and yoga retreats in Ubud.

Another bonus perk is that Intuitive Flow is located a few steps away from Yellow Flower restaurant, one of our favorite restaurants in Ubud.

Ubud yoga

Yoga Travel Gear We Wish We Brought With Us To Bali:

  • Lightweight Yoga Mat - Even though every yoga school in Ubud provides yoga mats and typically everything you need for a class, they aren't always the most hygienic and don't always have the best grip. We wish we would have packed a lightweight yoga travel mat like the Manduka eKO SuperLite Travel Yoga Mat which easily fits in a small bag or purse, provides excellent grip on any surface, and is made from 100% biodegradable material. It's the best yoga mat to travel with.


  • Sweat Towel - Be prepared to sweat a lot when doing yoga in Bali where the temperature rarely falls under 25 C (77 F). The best way to stay dry is to bring a small towel to the class, and few towels are as easy to travel with as the Great Towel Company (GTC) Microfiber Quick Dry Sports and Yoga Towel with antibacterial properties. It's extremely light weight, easy to pack, and can be used on top of your yoga mat as extra support if needed. It's also practical to bring to the beach or use at an accommodation where towels aren't provided.

Picture credit: Manduka.com and Amazon.com


Other Ubud Yoga Studios

Ubud yoga

As we mentioned, there is a large number of Ubud yoga studios that offer different experiences. In addition to really liking Intuitive flow, we also enjoyed a few classes at the newly opened Yoga Saraswati studio located in the heart of Ubud. The teachers were great and the classes were small. Also, one drop in class only cost 50,000 IDR ($3.70) when we first went which made it a good option for cheap yoga in Ubud.

Unfortunately, the yoga studio is located on one of the main roads in town which makes it very loud and difficult to concentrate during the class. So when the Yoga Saraswati decided to raise the price to 75,000 IDR ($5.50) per class we didn’t think it was worth it anymore since that's similar to the price of a class at Intuitive Flow when you buy a 10 class pass.

There is also the well-known Yoga Barn located close to the Monkey Forest. The establishment is huge so they host many different yoga classes in Ubud everyday which means there is something here for anyone. However, we found the Yoga Barn's classes to be too packed and in personal.

Another popular school for doing yoga in Ubud is Radiantly Alive where they offer unique classes such as aerial yoga and other workouts. The classes here can be quite large which is not to our liking. All in all, Radiantly Alive is well suited for yogis that are into aerial yoga and more traditional workouts. The studio also has a great reputation and is worth checking out.

Based on our experience of trying different studios, we feel like Intuitive Flow offers the best yoga in Ubud.

If you're looking to stay in Bali for longer either to do a yoga teacher training course, participate in a yoga retreat, or simply because you love taking yoga classes in Ubud, we suggest you check out our guide on how to extend your visa in Bali.

Also, if you're looking for other activities in Ubud, we recommend taking a cooking class.

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