Why We Stopped Backpacking and Changed the Way We Slow Travel

Long-term travel changes you. The moment you realize that long-term slow travel is possible your life will change and it will never be the same again. Living without a permanent address for years on end has a profound impact on the way you look at the world. Suddenly, you belong to destinations scattered around the world and not just a single location back home.

Buying a one-way ticket to Asia without a plan on returning gives you the ultimate sense of freedom. You get to a destination where you can do exactly what you want. And when you get bored of doing that you can move on to the next place. No destination is ever too far away and home is wherever you are that day.

But what if the freedom gets too repetitive? What if the endless wandering starts to feel like a routine? Can that even happen?

It happened to us. But it didn’t stop us from traveling, it just pushed us to do things differently.

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Why Warsaw is an Underrated Destination for Digital Nomads in Europe

Warsaw impressed us from the moment we arrived. When we booked our flights neither of us really knew what to expect. Victoria had been to Poland once before and liked Warsaw a lot, but that was almost 7 years ago.

Luckily enough, our ten days living as digital nomads in Warsaw turned out to be an incredible experience. Aside from the vegan food scene that’s one of the best in the world, there was so much more to the Polish capital. 

Warsaw is a modern and upcoming city that offers a comfortable yet still relatively low-cost European lifestyle. The city has a great cafe scene, trendy bars, a high standard and impressive efficiency, and some of the friendliest people we’ve encountered in Europe.

We found Warsaw to be one of the best digital nomad cities in Europe and a considerably underrated destination. Let’s get started on the hippest neighborhoods to stay in, cost of living, coworking spaces, and what to do. 

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The 6 Best Places for Vegan Food in Lisbon

Portugal has been on everyone’s mind lately and we recently wrote about our experience living as digital nomads in Lisbon for two months. During those two months, our main focus was to hunt down the best vegan food in Lisbon. We ended up eating at as many restaurants as we possible could and even found one of the best vegan cakes we’ve ever eaten.

What we came to realize is that even though the Portuguese are known for their meaty cuisine and custard tarts, Lisbon boasts plenty of options for the vegan traveler. We tried many restaurants, but these were the spots that really blew us away.

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Living as Digital Nomads in Lisbon: All Your Questions Answered

Portugal has without a doubt been one of the hottest travel destinations in the world this year. The country is praised for its beautiful beaches, great all year round weather, and impressive history. After searching around for where to spend the summer, we decided to check out the Portuguese capital and ended up living as digital nomads in Lisbon for two months. We got there in early July and left in early September and got to experience the city during its peak season.

If you’re considering living in Lisbon, we have some tips to help get you started. Our in-depth guide offers practical advice about accommodation and what areas are best to live in as well as information about expenses, transportation, coworking spaces, and more.

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Get Your Grub On at These 8 Amazing Vegan Restaurants in NYC

With close to 600 vegan restaurants to choose from in New York City, you are truly spoiled for choice. It would be nearly impossible for anyone to try all the vegan restaurants in NYC. And even if somebody did manage to eat at all of them, there would be hundreds of new ones to try by the time they were finished.

Nevertheless, we would gladly accept the challenge. In fact, since Victoria’s lived less than an hours train ride away from Manhattan all her life and Adam is obsessed with the Big Apple, we’ve already eaten at our fair share of vegan restaurants in NYC. 

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Vegan Cooking Class in Ubud – An Organic Farm to Plate Experience

It was quite obvious that we had to do a vegan cooking class in Ubud, Bali since we love the Balinese cuisine (hello tempeh!) and because Ubud is one of the most vegan friendly places we’ve ever visited. 

After searching through the many cooking schools in Ubud we found one that checked all of our boxes. It was very hands-on, check. It offered the possibility to make vegan dishes, check. And most importantly we would learn how to make our beloved peanut sauce, double check!

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Ethiopian Food – A Mind-Blowing Eating Experience

You know when you find out about one of the most flavorful and vegan-friendly cuisines in the world and you can’t possibly understand how you didn’t know about it sooner? That’s exactly how we felt after our first life-changing mouthful of Ethiopian food.

Our newest food obsession began at the Ethiopian restaurant, Teff, in Stamford, CT – which might be one of the most unlikely places to first try Ethiopian food but we digress. The cuisine was at the time completely new to both of us but we could clearly see a resemblance between it and one of our favorites – South Indian Food.

Let’s just say our first meal at Teff was all the introduction we needed to become hooked on this mind-blowing cuisine. As avid lovers of spices, the food seriously hit all the right spots and we could not get enough.

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