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The Foodie’s Guide to
Eating Vegan in Warsaw, Poland

After HappyCow published a list of the 10 Top Vegan Cities In The World and Warsaw was number 3, we knew we had to scope the vegan scene out for ourselves. And let's just say, it has never been easier to eat vegan in Warsaw!

It feels like Warsaw has experienced this huge conscious awakening which has resulted in an explosion of vegan eateries. There's a mind-blowing number of 42 vegan restaurants in Warsaw and that number is only growing!

Don’t worry we’ve done all the hard work for you. For 10 days straight we gorged ourselves on all the vegan food this city has to offer. From vegan sushi to vegan croissants, liquid nitrogen ice cream, and schnitzels, we promise you won’t go hungry here.

Updated September 2018: We returned to Warsaw for a month and revisited our vegan restaurants and discovered some new gems as well. Read on to find out more.

Here Are The Best Vegan Restaurants in Warsaw, Poland!

  1. Edamame Vegan Sushi
  2. Lokal Vegan Bistro
  3. Lokal Dela Krem
  4. Krowarzywa Vegan Burger
  5. Nancy Lee
  6. Leonardo Verde
  7. Vege Miasto
  8. Vege Kiosk
  9. Nicecream Factory
  10. Slodki Bez
  11. Tel Aviv Food & Wine
  12. Vegestacja
  13. Momencik
  14. Petit Appétit

Edamame Vegan Sushi

Vegan in Warsaw

We booked an Airbnb in Warsaw without doing too much research on where to stay and were lucky enough to end up within walking distance to several of the vegan restaurants in Warsaw.

Best of all was the fact that Edamame Sushi - a 100% vegan sushi restaurant - was located just a few doors down from our apartment. It quickly became one of our go-to places and we managed to eat through large parts of their extensive menu during our 10-day stay.

They offer everything from classic rolls and miso soup to more unique rolls with asparagus and tempura, as well as Japanese beers. The food is cooked with great passion and every bite is a treat. Edamame Sushi quickly became one of our favorite vegan restaurants in Warsaw. The sushi is exceptionally good (on par with Beyond Sushi) and the service is excellent. 

An extra plus is that for an extra fee can get your sushi rolls made with soy paper instead of nori (seaweed). Many vegans (including Victoria) prefer soy paper due to nori’s fish-like taste.

Price range: 8 - 20 PLN ($2.5-$5) per roll.

Lokal Vegan Bistro

Vegan in Warsaw

Lokal Vegan Bistro is a small vegan eatery located roughly a block from Edamame Sushi. It’s run by a group of young locals and they offer a small and intimate weekly menu with classic local dishes. The restaurant is busy from opening to closing and is as popular among vegans as it is with non-vegans.

We went to Lokal Vegan Bistro twice. The first time we had a meatloaf that brought Adam right back to his favorite childhood school lunch in Sweden. The second time we enjoyed the Schabowy, an amazing vegan Polish schnitzel with a home-made cream sauce and dill potatoes.

The service is good, portions are big, the staff speaks fluent English, and the food is served quickly. It is one of those places we wish we had more time to visit. Do yourself a favor and don't miss the Lokal Vegan Bistro when you're in Warsaw.

Price range: 15 - 25 PLN ($4-$7) for a main course.

Lokal Dela Krem

Vegan in Warsaw

Around the corner from Lokal Vegan Bistro is Warsaw’s most vegan-friendly street. Located within a two-minute walk of each other you’ll find Krowarzywa Vegan Burger, Slodki Bez, Leonardo Verde, Momencik, Tel Aviv Food & Wine, and Lokal Dela Krem.

Lokal Dela Krem is a vegan coffee and pastry shop that’s operated by the same group of people that run Lokal Vegan Bistro. They serve a few artisan vegan cakes, cupcakes, cinnamon rolls as well as homemade vegan gelato. The coffee is well-made especially their cappuccinos with oat milk.

In the mornings during the week, Lokal Dela Krem serves a huge sandwich with smoked tempeh, vegan mayonnaise, and avocado. It was a breakfast favorite of ours that we enjoyed on several occasions. This delicious sandwich obviously sells out quickly so make sure you get there early to avoid disappointment!

Price range: 8-12 PLN ($2-$3) for a coffee and 4-20 PLN ($1-$5) for pastries and cakes.

Krowarzywa Vegan Burger

Vegan in Warsaw

How often do you hear about a vegan restaurant that managed to win best burger in a city, not once but twice? And they didn't just win best vegan burger...they beat out all meat burgers as well!

That’s right, Krowarzywa was crowned “Best Burger in Warsaw” two years in a row winning over several dozen other burger joints in the city. And we have to admit that it might be one of the best burgers we’ve ever had!

Krowarzywa offers several tasty vegan patties including smoked tofu, seitan, chickpea, millet or a vegetable patty as well as a burger of the month! You can then choose among several different buns and sauces including mayo, tomato, mustard, dill sauce, and spicy tomato.

Add a slice of vegan cheese and sit down and enjoy your hearty vegan burger! Service is fast and friendly, and Krowarzywa also serves some amazing homemade lemonade!

Price range: 13.5 - 16.50 PLN ($3.5-$4.5) for a burger.

Nancy Lee

Vegan in Warsaw

Nancy Lee is a vegetarian restaurant serving up some scrumptious breakfast and lunch fare. They offer several vegan options such as a vegan omelette, scrambled tofu, and jackfruit sandwiches as well as several other yummy dishes. It's the perfect place for a Sunday brunch in Warsaw.

Nancy Lee was the first restaurant we ate at and a great way to kickstart our vegan eating adventures in Warsaw. The full English breakfast was incredible! They use black salt to make the scrambled tofu taste similar to egg, which was both amazing and a little bit frightening.

We ended up really liking the food at Nancy Lee and returned for more the next day.

Be aware that Nancy Lee is incredibly popular and therefore also incredibly busy. You might have to wait 30 minutes before receiving your food, but it's worth the wait.

Price range: 10 - 25 PLN ($3 - $7) for a main breakfast or lunch option.

Leonardo Verde

Vegan in Warsaw

This all-vegan Italian restaurant in Warsaw is located next door to Tel Aviv Food & Wine and is another good option for anyone looking for vegan comfort food. Leonardo Verde used to be a vegan pizzeria called Vegan Pizza, but earlier this year they rebranded themselves as a full-on vegan Italian restaurant.

We highly recommend their pasta carbonara and their breakfast sandwich. Their pizzas are also quite good and they have several options with mock meats and different vegan cheeses.

We also tried their vegan cheese platter for two one morning over breakfast. Partially because we're insane, and also because we're overly gluttonous. Let's just say it's perfect for anyone looking for death by vegan cheese.

With that said, the menu can be a bit of a hit or miss and we loved some dishes a lot more than others. For some strange reason, they put seaweed in their pasta puttanesca.

Leonardo Verde still gets our stamp of approval since they offer some truly terrific dishes! And who can say no to a big plate of vegan carbonara covered with steaming hot super crispy vegan bacon? No one, that's who!

Price range: 20 - 35 PLN ($5.50 - $10) for a plate of pasta or pizza.

Vege Miasto

Vegan in Warsaw

Vege Miasto is insanely popular and for good reason. They have a reputation for serving some of the best vegan food in Warsaw.

The first time we visited the restaurant for a late lunch, the line stretched out onto the street and every single chair was taken. We ended up leaving to return the next day for a late dinner which turned out to be a good decision since most of the crowd had left.

The menu at Vege Miasto is big with several pasta dishes, vegan quesadillas, risotto, hummus, salads, and pierogies. Pierogies are Polish dumplings typically served with a topping of fried onions. We ordered two sets, Russian pierogies filled with potatoes and tofu and a plate of red lentil pierogies with local spices. They were both delicious!

The pierogies were well-made and the portions were huge which seems to be the theme here - every plate that came out of the kitchen was overflowing with food! In fact, the food was so good and the portions so big that we wished we had stayed in line when we first came for lunch.

Price range: 20 - 30 PLN ($5.50 - $8.5) for a main course and 10 - 15 ($3 - $5.50) PLN for a salad.

Vege Kiosk

Vegan in Warsaw

Vege Kiosk a small hole in the wall fast food joint that serves local dishes and vegan ice cream. Their pierogies are especially appreciated and make for the perfect afternoon snack.

Vege Kiosk's main cafe is located very centrally just a few minutes walk from the Centrum Metro station. They also run a small breakfast stand in the breakfast market (Targ Sniadaniowy) every weekend as well as a food stall at the BioBazar on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Price Range : 7 - 15 PLn ($2-$4).

Nicecream Factory

Vegan in Warsaw

At the Nicecream Factory, you can make your own vegan ice cream using liquid nitrogen and it’s the coolest thing ever!

First, you choose a vegan base - either soymilk or sorbet - then you can add as many flavors as you want before it all gets mixed together at an incredible temperature of -196°C (-320 F)!

By using liquid nitrogen, all the ingredients freeze instantly which means that you can enjoy a freshly made and super creamy ice cream in less than a minute. How great is that?

We opted for oreo, salted caramel, and peanut butter which resulted in a perfect mix of crunchy, salty, and sweet. There are so many flavors to choose from that we are sure there is something for every taste. You can even add alcohol to the mix!

The ice cream is tasty, the shop is centrally located, the staff speaks good English, and it’s just a cool experience that you shouldn't miss! Just look at this:

Price range: Dependent on flavors and toppings.

Slodki Bez

Vegan in Warsaw

Slodki Bez is a small vegetarian cafe in Warsaw with mostly vegan options serving gluten-free desserts, cakes, and coffee. We went there with the goal of trying their vegan freakshake - a vanilla milkshake topped with chocolate mousse, home-made bars, cookies, and more. We had no idea what a freakshake was before we went to Slodki Bez.

Apparently, the legendary freakshake is a mountain high milkshake overloaded with all kinds of sweets and goodies, and is a genius Australian invention, thanks Aussies! It looks insane, tastes crazy, but unfortunately, the vegan freakshake at Slodki Bez was a bit too much for our taste. But by all means, go and "research" it yourself!

Price range: The vegan freakshake costs 20 PLN ($5.50).

Tel Aviv Food & Wine

Vegan in Warsaw

Tel Aviv Food & Wine claims to offer vegan fine dining in Warsaw. But in our opinion, it wasn’t much different from a typical Middle Eastern restaurant, except for the high prices and small portions.

We will give it to them, the food was very flavorful and it was served nicely. We do wish the portions were bigger though. In fact, the falafels were actually the smallest we’ve ever seen, and the mezze plate contained more sauces than anything else. This resulted in us having to order several side dishes, racking up quite the bill in the process just to eat bite-sized falafels with dips and bread.

With that said, the restaurant itself is cute and the food is cooked with love so you should pay them a visit! Just be aware that the portions might be a bit on the smaller side and you can only pay with card - no cash!

Price range: 30 - 40 PLN ($8.50 - $11.50) for a main course, side dishes sell for 4 - 15 PLN ($1 - $4).


Vegestacja is an all vegan ice cream shop in Warsaw located about a 10-minute drive outside of the city center. They offer a ton of different ice cream flavors. Vegestacja has everything from your standard sorbets to chocolate, peanut butter, yogurt with cherries, and more!

Their salted caramel ice cream seems to be a big hit among the locals, not to mention the pistachio. The portions are generous and very fairly priced. Stop by and pay them a visit if you're in the area.

Price range: 5 PLN ($1.5) per scoop


Vegan in Warsaw

Momencik Vegan Burrito and Tacos is a Spanish owned vegan Mexico fast food joint. It is also one of the most hyped vegan restaurants in Warsaw and we were excited to try it. We had read many reviews about how good and authentic the Mexican food was here and we were prepared for a feast. Tacos, burritos, nachos, you name it - we could not get there fast enough!

Unfortunately, it was a big let down. It might have been an off day when we visited but we didn't get the hype at all. And this is coming from two people who LOVE Mexican food.

The nachos we ordered as a starter were literally dripping with oil. Momencik makes their own nachos, and they hadn't been strained after the fryer.

In addition, they were sold out of guacamole, and the California burrito was jam-packed with the greasiest fried tofu we’ve ever had. Not a vegetable as far as the eye could see. But like we mentioned, something might have been wrong that day because people seem to love the place. Who knows!

Price range: 1 burrito was 15 - 20 PLN ($4 - $5.50) and tacos sell for 4 PLN ($1) a piece.

Petit Appétit

Vegan in Warsaw

Petit Appétit is a French bakery located at the beginning of Nowy Swiat in the city center. They serve meat and other non-vegan products, but they do offer some vegan options as well.

We tried the vegan croissant which we thought was pretty good. They offer a few other vegan breakfast options as well as non-dairy milk for coffee, which has us thinking it could be worth a visit if you're looking for a quick vegan breakfast in Warsaw.

Price range: 8 PLN ($2) for a vegan croissant and 8-12 PLN ($3 - $3.50) for a coffee.

With all the Vegan Restaurants in Warsaw, You'll be Spoiled for Choice!

We weren’t really sure of what to expect before we arrived in Poland. Victoria visited Warsaw in early 2011, but back then there was no vegan food scene to speak of.

Now, after indulging in every vegan meal we could get our hands on, we know that being vegan in Warsaw is as easy as it gets.

Where else in the world can you find 10 all vegan restaurants within 3 blocks of each other? Not anywhere we’ve been at least! Actually, this area alone makes eating vegan in Warsaw effortless.

We are truly amazed at how an unexpected city in Eastern Europe has managed to grow into one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the world which is why Warsaw is on our list of the best vegan digital nomad cities.

All in all, our 10-day trip to Warsaw turned out to be an amazing experience. Thanks to the super friendly Polish people and the outright delicious vegan food we had an unforgettable time!

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Vegan in Warsaw

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  1. Amazing recommendations! I love observing how Warsaw is developing and how many great vegan spots open almost every month. Also, what I have noticed is that many non-vegan places do have some alternatives in offer. It is so helpful when I want to go out with my non-vegan friends and we need to find a place that will be approved by everybody. I hope that more restaurants wil follow the example 🙂

    • We certainly agree Kami! It’s inspiring to see such a growing vegan scene and we love to hear that non-vegan restaurants have started accommodating vegans as well. It makes life so much easier! ? Hopefully, as veganism spreads more and more restaurants will catch on and offer vegan dishes. We have been traveling around Europe since the beginning of the summer and so far Warsaw has been the most vegan-friendly place we’ve been to. Can’t wait to return!

  2. Love your recommendations, I need to keep your post for my next Warsaw’a trip. I totally agree that Warsaw is one of the most vegan-friendly destinations I’ve been to. It was awesome and other cities should follow the example. I can’t wait to go to Warsaw again!

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