Vegan in Bangkok: Top 10 Vegan Restaurants You MUST Visit

Burger from Vegan Bangkok Restaurant Veganerie

This vegan food guide to Bangkok has been in the works for many years.

In fact, we've been exploring the vegan food in Bangkok before Vegans with Appetites was even a thing.

Yes, we've been heading to the rambunctious capital since we were fresh off the plane solo backpackers - new to Asia and the world that awaited us.

You see, for better or worse, Bangkok is one of the cities in the world that we’ve visited the most and also one of the places that we’ve spent the most time in.

As two people who generally avoid big hectic cities, especially in Asia, Bangkok has actually grown on us, and in many ways, the city feels like a second home. Also, since Bangkok is one of the most well-connected cities in Southeast Asia, it’s sort of hard to avoid.

During our countless visits over the years, we have scoured the vegan food scene in Bangkok from the backpacker mecca of Khao San Road to nearby Sam Sen all the way to Sukhumvit, our go-to area of Thong Lor, as well as Silom road.

Despite this, it always feels like there is something new to try every time we return. Therefore, we thought it was about time to share our favorite vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Bangkok that you should not miss!

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Vegan Restaurants on Sukhumvit, Bangkok

Barefood - Vegan Cheese Heaven

Vegan Cheese Burger

Barefood is our latest discovery in the Thai capital and even after just one visit we knew this was our new favorite vegan restaurant in Bangkok.

Run by a highly passionate couple who seem to love nothing more than food, this small eatery is vegan cheese heaven.

After being inspired by a raw food class, the owners got hooked on vegan cheese made from cashews. They experimented for a while before they came up with, what we would consider, one of the best vegan cheeses out there.

No lie, this vegan cheese in Bangkok rivals all the plant-based cheeses we've had in the US and Italy.

To begin with, they didn't offer any actually dishes at Barefood, but in 2017 they have opened up a small restaurant to complement the cheeses.

Today you can order a cheese platter and sample a range of different vegan cheeses created in-house or you can opt for something of the menu.

We tried their cheeseburger topped with melted smoked cashew cheese and instantly fell in love. Along with that, they also serve vegan lasagna, pasta dishes, sandwiches, and more.

If you only have time to visit one restaurant serving vegan food in Bangkok this has to be it!

  • Location: Sukhumvit Soi 61.
  • Dishes to try: You come here for the vegan cheese and we recommend getting the cheeseburger!
  • Opening hours: 11am - 10pm (Tuseday - Saturday).
Cheese Platter at top Vegan Restaurant in Bangkok

Veganerie - Vegan Bakery and Cafe

Vegan Chocolate Waffles with Ice Cream

No vegan food guide to Bangkok is complete without the mentioning of the Thai-run vegan empire Veganerie.

This legendary gem wasn’t even open yet when we first started coming to Bangkok in 2013. But Veganerie has quickly become one of our favorite vegan restaurants in Bangkok since opening in 2016.

With a handful of locations spread out across town, it is safe to say that Veganerie completely dominates the vegan food scene in Bangkok.

Here you’ll find everything from traditionally prepared vegan Thai food to Western dishes, desserts, and our favorite – vegan waffles with ice cream.

Each of Veganerie's locations specialize in different things so make sure you double check before going.

We usually go to the Veganerie Concept located just off Sukhumvit behind Benjasiri Park which has the most extensive menu and things like burgers, avocado on toast, and ch*cken and waffles.

There is also Veganerie Go & Grab that specializes in vegan desserts and simple take-out food.

  • Location: Several locations around town, many of them located in malls.
  • Dishes to try: Vegan chocolate waffles with ice cream.
  • Opening Hours: 10am - 10pm (Monday - Sunday).

Govinda - Italian Food and Vegan Cheese Pizza in Bangkok

Vegan Pizza in Bangkok

Despite the Hindu name, you won’t find any Indian food here. However, the owner of Govinda is Indian, and the restaurant is pure vegetarian although the menu is Italian.

We found this place a few years ago, and it’s been one of our absolute favorite places for vegan food in Bangkok ever since.

The menu is vegetarian, and they use non-vegan cheese, but you have the option of veganizing most dishes using their homemade vegan cheese.

We tend to come here for the pizza, and since Govinda offers vegan meat substitutes you can eat everything from pepperoni pizza to pizza with vegan ham and pretty much anything else you could wish for.

Most times we get the capricciosa with vegan cheese and highly recommend it!

In addition, there is quite a large number of vegan appetizers as well as pasta dishes such as vegan lasagna, pasta alfredo, etc. and the staff is great and almost reason enough to visit.

The only real downside of Govinda is that it’s located on a bit of seedy alley down from Sukhumvit where sex tourism is thriving. If you can ignore that, you will be rewarded with some of the best vegan pizza in Bangkok.

  • Location: Sukhumvit Soi 22
  • Dishes to try: The vegan pizzas are on point!
  • Opening Hours: 12:00–2:30pm, 6:00–10:30pm (Wednesday - Monday).

Broccoli Revolution - Healthy Food and Juices

Vegan burger, burrito and Burmese fritters

Broccoli Revolution is one of the most well-established all-vegan eateries in Bangkok and a must visit for any travelers coming to Thailand.

Naya Ehrlich-Adam who owns Broccoli Revolution is an experienced restaurant owner who has run successful restaurants in both Yangon, Myanmar and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

The idea for this vegan restaurant in Bangkok was born out of Naya's own urge to start living a healthier lifestyle. And the health aspect remains a cornerstone for Broccoli Revolution which, among other things, boasts one of the largest selections of fresh juices in Bangkok.

In addition to juices, the menu is extensive and you can eat, salads, burgers, burritos, and more. A large part of the menu is also dedicated to vegan Thai food as well as delights from the neighboring country of Myanmar.

Due to the high-quality of food and impressive menu, Broccoli Revolution seems to be as popular with non-vegans as it is with vegans.

If you're looking for a vegan restaurant in Sukhumvit, you're in luck because Broccoli Revolution is very easy to reach.

The restaurant is located in between the Thong Lor and Phrom Pong BTS station on Sukhumvit and within walking distance to some of the busiest malls in Bangkok.

  • Location: 899 Sukhumvit Road.
  • Dishes to try: The broccoli quinoa charcoal burger.
  • Opening Hours: 9am - 10pm (Monday - Sunday).
Burmese Fritters

Raw Vega - Raw Vegan Food in Bangkok

Raw Food Cakes on Display

Image Credit: Raw Vega

Directly across Sukhumvit from Broccoli Revolution, you’ll find a newly opened raw restaurant called Raw Vega.

Raw Vega was first established in Seoul, Korea and moved to its new location in Bangkok in early 2019.

As with most raw restaurants the focus here is on health and wellness, and if you're in the mood for raw vegan food in Bangkok, you won't be disappointed.

Impressively enough, Raw Vega has managed to create exciting and completely raw versions of some Thai classics such as pad thai, but there are also raw pizzas, zoodles, and salads on the menu.

However, the best part about Raw Vega is their large dessert menu with cakes, balls, and ice creams.

  • Location: 13 Sukhumvit Road
  • Dishes to try: Raw pad thai and zoodles.
  • Opening Hours: 10am - 8 pm (Tuesday - Sunday).

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May Veggie Home - World Class Fusion Restaurant

Noodles and Thai Vegan food in Bangkok

Image Credit: May Veggie Home

May Veggie Home has been a staple vegan restaurant in Bangkok since 2011.

Located in the Asok area, May Veggie Home is easy to reach from pretty much anywhere in the city. In fact, May Veggie Home is well-connected to both the MRT and the BTS for unparalleled easy access.

Here you can indulge in freshly made vegan food ranging from traditional Thai dishes to East Asian classics and more Western dishes.

The menu consists of spring rolls, stir-fries, sushi, pad thai, curries, as well as vegan fish dishes, ch*cken burgers, and more.

In the last few years, May Veggie Home has added a vegan bakery serving sweets, bread, and rolls and they also serve vegan ice cream to complete your eating experience.

  • Location: 83 Ratchadaphisek Rd (Asoke).
  • Dishes to try: The sushi or the vegan fish.
  • Opening Hours: 11am - 10pm (Monday - Sunday).

Vegan Restaurants on Khao San Road, Bangkok

Ethos - Vegan Food on Khao San Road

Table of Vegan Food in Bangkok

Image Credit: Ethos

The infamous Khao San Road is a subject that divides travelers from all over the world.

This chaotic tourist-mecca of Bangkok is the first experience many backpackers have with Southeast Asia.

Around Khao San Road, you can find everything from hostels, hotels, and bars to restaurants and street vendors serving food from all over the world. There is also an endless number of tuk-tuk drivers, souvenirs, and everything else travelers visiting Bangkok might be looking for.

We have spent our fair share of time around Khao San Road, but in the last few years, we feel like we’ve grown out of it and try to avoid it.

However, there are two reasons – or restaurants – that still attract us.

On a small alley at the east side of Khao San Road, there is a vegan and vegetarian restaurant called Ethos, and it’s one of the oldest vegan-friendly establishments in Bangkok.

The menu is comprehensive and includes everything from pancakes, smoothies, and kombucha to falafel, burgers, and Thai food.

Mind you that the whole menu is not vegan, but there is enough available to satisfy any gluttonous vegan visiting Bangkok.

  • Location: 85/2 Thanon Tanao (just off Khao San Road).
  • Dishes to try: The American pancakes are to die for!
  • Opening Hours: 7:30am - midnight (Monday - Sunday).

May Kaidee - The Best Vegan Thai Food In Bangkok

Vegan Thai Curry

Image Credit: May Kaidee

About three houses down from Ethos you’ll find May Kaidee’s vegan restaurant which is the second reason we still visit Bangkok’s chaotic tourist center from time to time.

May Kaidee specializes in vegan versions of all the classic Thai dishes that you must try, and all the food here is prepared to a very high standard.

Better yet, May Kaidee also arranges one of the best vegan cooking classes in Thailand where May Kaidee herself will teach you how to prepare your favorite Thai foods.

In fact, you might have heard about May Kaidee before since she offers Thai cooking classes in New York and Chiang Mai as well.

Visiting May Kaidee is a complete experience that we recommend to everyone, and it’s one of the best places in Bangkok for vegans to indulge in Thai delights.

And if you don't have the possibility to come to Bangkok, you can always pay her a visit in NYC.

  • Location: Thanon Tanao (just off Khao San Road).
  • Dishes to try: Any of the curries or noodles dishes, and don't forget to take the vegan cooking class!
  • Opening Hours: 9am - 10pm (Monday - Sunday).

Vegan Restaurants Elsewhere in Bangkok

Tien Sin - Traditional Vegetarian Thai Restaurant

Tien Sin is one of the most popular traditional vegetarian Thai restaurants in Bangkok that should be on all Thai food lovers' bucket list.

The food is offered buffet style with an ever-changing menu where you point at the dishes you want and pay for each dish separately.

Since this place was opened to serve local vegetarians, the prices are considerably cheaper than at many of the other vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Bangkok.

Tien Sin also provides a range of mock-meats that you can buy and bring home to cook in case you feel inspired by the incredible food they serve.

  • Location: 439 Khwaeng Silom.
  • Dishes to try: This restaurant is known for their mock-meats.
  • Opening hours: 7am - 3pm (Monday - Saturday).

Bonita Cafe and Social Club - A Carb Lover's Dream

Bonita Cafe's Vegan Menu

Image Credit: Bonita Cafe

This is another landmark vegan restaurant in Bangkok owned and operated by a couple of ultramarathon runners.

Bonita Cafe and Social Club’s interior is reminiscent of an old American cafe or even a British tea house. The menu is very affordable and has been designed to satisfy all you carb lovers out there.

Most people come here for the breakfasts options including the full vegan English breakfast, but we can’t recommend the sandwiches and the American pancakes enough.

Food is well prepared and delicious and is guaranteed to keep you full for hours or fuel you up after an intensive yoga class or a really long run (it’s not called Thailand’s 100-mile club for nothing).

Getting here requires taking a taxi or the metro (MRT), but it’s well worth the trip, trust us.

  • Location: Silom Soi 26.
  • Dishes to try: The American pancakes.
  • Opening Hours: 9:30am - 9:30pm (Wednesday - Monday).

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