15 Vegan Clothing Brands You NEED In Your Closet!

Vegan Clothing Brands

In our quest to find vegan clothing brands, we realized how difficult it can be to find companies that not only share our cruelty-free values but are also committed to slow sustainable fashion.

We believe the two go hand in hand, and we personally choose to support brands that are vegan, ethical, and fair trade.

With that said, changing your wardrobe doesn't have to be an all or nothing game, and it doesn't have to cost an exorbitant amount either.

In hopes that our recommendations might help you on your journey in transitioning to kinder fashion choices, we made this list highlighting 15 stylish vegan clothing brands that are not only fashion forward but affordable.

We've included everything from where the companies are based, what materials they use, and what products they sell.

Without further ado, here is a list of the 15 best vegan clothing brands:

  1. Pact
  2. Alternative Apparel
  3. Angela Roi
  4. Save the Duck
  5. Groceries Apparel
  6. Will's Vegan Shoes
  7. Matt & Nat
  8. Brave Gentleman
  9. WAWWA
  10. Ahimsa
  11. In the Soulshine
  12. Bhava
  13. Dedikate Rayne
  14. Keep
  15. Vegetarian Shoes

1. Pact

Pact is a vegan clothing brand that is proving that fair trade sustainable clothing doesn't have to break the bank.

One of the things we love most about Pact is how affordable their clothing is, in fact, their prices easily rival companies like H&M.

This is super important in our book because it makes the process of switching your wardrobe that much easier and accessible.

The company prides themselves on producing some of the softest organic cotton in a fair trade certified factory, and we'd have to agree. Seriously, we live in their t-shirts and underwear!

With a range of practical clothing for men and women made from 100% organic cotton, it has never been easier to find great, high-quality clothing staples that are not only comfortable but also eco-friendly and cruelty-free.

Pact is our personal go-to source for t-shirts, hoodies, underwear, and more.

  • Name: Pact
  • Based in: Boulder, CO
  • Materials: Certified organic cotton.
  • Products: You'll find all kinds of basic staples for men and women.

Check Products and Prices Here

2. Alternative Apparel

Alternative Apparel has been creating vintage-inspired basic wardrobe staples rooted in sustainability since 1995.

This vegan clothing company always puts the fabric first in order to create an authentic worn-in style that is as fashionable as it is environmentally conscious.

Transparency is one of American Apparel's strong suits. The vegan fashion brand is an active participant in the Fashion Revolution movement, and they're not afraid to answer the question “who made my clothes?

If innovative cruelty-free fashion is what you're looking for, then this is definitely a brand you have to check out.

  • Name: Alternative Apparel
  • Based in: The United States
  • Materials: More than 80% recycled and sustainable materials.
  • Products: Vintage-inspired wardrobe staples.

Shop Alternative Apparel Here

3. Angela Roi

As one of the first and only luxury handbag brands in the vegan sphere, Angela Roi has managed to establish themselves as a driving force when it comes to high-quality vegan leather.

At the moment, Angela Roi offers three types of vegan leather for their bags.

One is very sturdy and mostly used for tote bags, one is more balanced and a mix between sturdy and soft, while the last one is soft and skin-like almost like suede.

The luxury bags designed by Angela Roi can rival any of the bags from any of the world’s leading fashion houses with the one major difference being that the brand's bags are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

  • Name: Angela Roi
  • Based in: New York
  • Materials: EPUL (Exquisite Polyurethane Leather).
  • Products: Luxury handbags.

Browse Angela Roi's Stunning Collection of Vegan Handbags Here

Image Credit: Angela Roi


4. Save the Duck

Save the Duck is a vegan clothing company that designs and produces high-quality vegan coats.

In the past couple of years, Save the Duck has grown immensely in popularity, and today you can find the jackets at many well-stocked department stores, especially in their home country of Italy. 

If you’re interested in keeping warm during winter, Save the Duck is the solution.

Better yet, all of their products are 100% vegan and produced in a way that ensures as small of an environmental impact as possible which is always a win-win in our opinion. 

  • Name: Save the Duck
  • Based in: Milano, Italy
  • Materials: Plumtech instead of down as insulation as well as other sustainable and cruelty-free materials.
  • Products: Mostly jackets for all seasons.

Get Yourself a Save the Duck Jacket Today

5. Groceries Apparel

With the use of organic cotton, hemp, and other recycled materials, it is clear that Groceries Apparel is committed to clean sustainable vegan fashion

All of their clothing is produced in their own factory in Los Angeles to ensure the highest of standards. In addition, Groceries Apparel is also cruelty-free and their clothes are vegan and fair trade certified.

In terms of clothes for women, Groceries Apparel has it all, from shirts and basic apparel to dresses, swimsuits, and underwear.

Their vegan clothes for men is a bit more limited, but at the moment you can find staples such as shirts and t-shirts.

All in all, this is an amazing vegan clothing brand for the conscious vegan.

  • Name: Groceries Apparel
  • Based in: California
  • Materials: Organic cotton, linen, hemp, recycled plastic, and recycled cotton.
  • Products: Full collections from outerwear to underwear.

Check Out Groceries Apparels' Collection Here

6. Will’s Vegan Shoes

Will’s Vegan Shoes is one of our personal favorites when it comes to vegan eco-friendly shoes.

Today the brand offers a huge range of vegan shoes from flats and sneakers to dressy styles and even winter and work boots for both men and women.

Will’s is also PETA approved, and they work hard to neutralize their carbon footprint.

Even the box and the wrappers that the shoes are sold in are 100% carbon neutral. More importantly, Will's Vegan Shoes uses eco-friendly Italian microfiber leather.

We both own and love our chic boots from Will's and know they will last us for years to come.

  • Name: Will's Vegan Shoes
  • Based in: England
  • Materials: Sustainable vegan materials that are certified carbon neutral.
  • Products: Vegan shoes, belts, and bags.

Buy A Pair of Will's Vegan Shoes

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7. Matt & Nat

Matt & Nat is a vegan clothing brand that has truly helped shape the vegan fashion world.

We love how authentic their vegan leather looks and feels, it is honestly mind-boggling!

The company is known for their smart and stylish take on vegan leather bags, belts, and other vegan accessories.

Lately, Matt & Nat have started to produce more and more vegan footwear, and they recently included vegan leather products for your dog such as collars and leashes.

Moreover, Matt & Nat is PETA-certified, and their products are and always will be completely vegan and cruelty-free!

  • Name: Matt & Nat
  • Based in: Canada
  • Materials: 100% vegan leather.
  • Products: Vegan bags and accessories.

See More of Matt & Nat's Vegan Bags Here

8. Brave GentleMan

Brave GentleMan, often shortened to BGM, was the first all-vegan lifestyle menswear brand in the world.

The project was founded by Joshua Katcher in a small store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn where he sold vegan shoes, shirts and more.

Today the Brave GentleMan collection has grown and includes full suits, jackets, coats, bags, accessories, and more.

Since the initial launch, BGM has developed into a force to be reckoned with, and Joshua has received international praise for his commitment to vegan-friendly fashion. For example, Vogue once commented that “the full scope of Katcher’s ethical commitment is rather head-spinning.”

  • Name: Brave GentleMan
  • Based in: Williamsburg, NY
  • Materials: A large range of vegan leathers including silk and wool made either from sustainable PU leather or recycled plastic.
  • Products: Upscale vegan menswear.

Image Credit: Brave Gentleman


Wawwa is a sustainable streetwear brand that has gotten PETA's vegan stamp of approval.

This UK clothing company has been completely cruelty-free since 2017, and they sell t-shirts, hats, and hoodies.

It’s obvious that inspiration behind the clothes comes from other streetwear companies such as Supreme and HUF.

However, unlike those companies, Wawwa strives to make our world a better place by raising awareness about the environment as well as helping and supporting animals and humans around the world.

Most of the materials used by Wawwa are recycled, and 40% of the materials are made from plastics collected from the ocean. So, if you want to look stylish and make the world a better place, Wawwa is a great choice.

  • Name: Wawwa
  • Based in: The UK
  • Materials: Recycled materials with 40% being plastic from the oceans.
  • Products: Unisex streetwear.

Check Out Wawwa's Collection

Image Credit: Wawwa

10. Ahimsa

Ahimsa is a small scale vegan shoe brand with an impressive international reach.

Just like Will’s Vegan Shoes, Ahimsa focuses on designing and producing stylish and environmentally-friendly vegan shoes for both men and women. Their collection spans from oxfords and derbys to winter and work boots.

All of Ahimsa's products are produced at their own small fair trade and vegan certified factory in Brazil, although the shoes can be shipped anywhere in the world.

The company has made it their goal to find and develop the best vegan alternatives to classic shoe materials, and they are excelling at it.

  • Name: Ahimsa
  • Based in: Their own all-vegan small scale factory in Brazil.
  • Materials: Everything from cork and pineapple leather to vegan suede made from PU.
  • Products: Vegan shoes.

Order From Ahimsa Here

Image Credit: Ahimsa

11. In the Soulshine

In the Soulshine is an inspiring brand, environmental advocate, and producer of eco-friendly shirts, bags, and accessories.

t’s an Australian company, however, all of their production is based in Bali where they also source a lot of their materials.

The workers at their factory in Bali are paid about three times as much as their fellow tailors on the island which has helped create better living standards for hundreds of people.

Much of the company's proceedings are also donated to other vegan companies and especially to farm sanctuaries around the world.

  • Name: In the Soulshine
  • Based in: Australia
  • Materials: Certified organic cotton and plastic free packing.
  • Products: T-shirts, bags, and accessories.

Image Credit: In the Soulshine

12. Bhava

Bhava is an all-vegan women's shoe brand based in NYC.

The founder of Bhava, Francisca Pineda, is very dedicated to the vegan and ethical fashion movement.

She is an outspoken advocate for all victims of the fashion system and has vowed to uphold the highest ethical and environmental standards.

Out of all the vegan clothing brands on this list, Bhava is a bit more on the expensive side. However, the brand offers some truly elegant shoes, and their collection is comprehensive.

Stunning sandals, slippers, flats, heels, pumps, boots, you name it and Bhava designs it!

  • Name: Bhava
  • Based in: New York
  • Materials: Ethical and sustainable materials from all over the world.
  • Products: Women's footwear.

See Some of Bhava's Best-Sellers Here

Image Credit: Bhava

13. Delikate Rayne

Delikate Rayne is a rock-inspired and edgy vegan luxury brand selling women’s fashion.

The brand has worked closely with PETA on many occasions and recently launched a “Game Changer” cap in collaboration with the organization under the name DR X PETA.

Moreover, Delikate Rayne works tirelessly to support the development of new vegan materials.

Today the vegan clothing brand offers vegan leather and suede in different colors as well as cruelty-free satin.

  • Name: Delikate Rayne
  • Based in: The United States
  • Materials: Organic cotton, linen, hemp, recycled plastic, and recycled cotton.
  • Products: Full collections from outerwear to underwear.

Image Credit: Delikate Rayne


14. Keep

Most of us can probably agree that Keep is one of the hippest vegan clothing companies out there today.

First launched as a small shoe shop in 2006, Keep has literally exploded in popularity after they started adding vegan apparel to their collection.

Today Keep sells trendy t-shirts, bomber jackets, bags, and even hand-carved knives.

Obviously, all of the products are completely cruelty-free and produced following strict guidelines regarding sustainability.

  • Name: Keep
  • Based in: Los Angeles
  • Materials: A range of cruelty-free materials depending on the product.
  • Product: Vegan shoes and apparel.

Image Credit: Keep

15. Vegetarian Shoes

This is one of the oldest and most well-established vegan clothing brands on this list and an industry leader in Europe.

Vegetarian Shoes was founded in 1990, and they have been selling vegan shoes for longer than most of today’s vegans have been vegan!

Thanks to their extended experience in the field, Vegetarian Shoes also has one of the biggest collection of vegan shoes on the market.

In fact, to this day we have not seen anyone offer as many different vegan shoes and models as this company which is why they are considered one of the leading producer of vegan shoes in the world!

  • Name: Vegetarian Shoes
  • Based in: The UK
  • Materials: Microfiber leather.
  • Products: Vegan shoes.

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