Our Vegan Skin Care Routine: Tried and Tested Favorites

Vegan Skin Care Products

Living a vegan lifestyle is about more than what you eat, it also extends to your everyday life and means creating a vegan skin care routine that is free from animal ingredients and cruelty-free. It just so happens to be an added bonus that many of these vegan skin care products aren’t full of chemicals and other toxic ingredients.

Don't forget that your skin is your largest organ and absorbs whatever you put on it which is why you don’t want to use harmful ingredients.

In search of the best vegan toiletries, we have tried dozens of brands over the years. In order to help you find the best products to use at home and on the road when you travel, we have put together our vegan skin care routine. The products we use have surpassed our expectations, and most importantly are never tested on animals.

This cruelty-free products list includes our favorite companies, some that we’ve been using for years and some that we’ve only discovered recently. All of the brands in our list are cruelty-free and offer vegan skin care products.

Vegan Skin Care Products for Women

Vegan Skin Care Products

Acure Facial Scrub

My vegan skin care routine is relatively simple. I believe that less is more. I wash my face every other day using the Acure brightening facial scrub. Acure is a company I discovered a few years ago and they offer all kinds of cruelty free skin care products. I have literally not used anything else on my face other than the Acure brightening facial scrub for the past 4 years because it works that good. This facial scrub contains sea kelp and French green clay and does an amazing job at exfoliating my face even when it is constantly exposed to sweat and heat in Asia. The Acure skin care line is completely fair trade and one of the best vegan skin care brands out there. In addition, Acure products don’t contain any nasties like parabens, sulfates, or phthalates which is a win win in my book.

Picture credit: acureorganics.com

Schmidt's Deodorant

Schmidt has to be the best cruelty free deodorant out there, and trust me I’ve tried my fair share over the years. This is a natural deodorant that works! Honestly, I very rarely have to apply Schmidt’s deodorant more than once, it lasts all day long and I still smell fresh at the end of the day. Schmidt's deodorant comes in several different scents such as lavender and sage, bergamot and lime, rose and vanilla, ylang ylang and calendula, cedarwood and juniper, as well as charcoal and magnesium. In my opinion, the best Schmidt deodorant scent is lavender and sage, though bergamot and lime is also a favorite. Schmidt only produces natural aluminum free deodorant because who in their right mind would put that stuff on their precious pits? Schmidt's also makes a fragrance free deodorant for those that are more sensitive and are looking for a natural deodorant without baking soda.

Picture credit: schmidtsnaturals.com

Alaffia Lotion

I’ve been on a quest to find a truly moisturizing natural lotion for what seemed like an eternity. Most natural lotions have disappointed me and don’t even get me started on conventional lotions which would leave my skin more dry than before I used them! My seemingly endless search finally came to an end when I stumbled upon Alaffia lotion. Alaffia is an all natural skin care line that is completely fair trade and donates a percentage of sales of their products towards empowerment projects in West Africa. The Alaffia shea butter lotion is literally the most moisturizing natural lotion for dry skin as well as normal skin types. The Alaffia lotion contains ethically traded unrefined shea butter from West Africa and you can feel it! My favorite Alaffia lotion is the lavender, what can I say, I’m a lavender junkie!

Picture credit: allafia.com

Giovanni Shampoo and Conditioner

Giovanni is a cruelty free hair care brand that offers a wide range of natural hair products. I use both the Giovanni shampoo and conditioner. It’s been hard to find a natural shampoo brand that works and doesn’t leave my hair feeling greasy as if I hadn’t even washed it. The Giovanni golden wheat shampoo is an excellent clarifying shampoo that removes excess oil leaving your hair feeling clean without stripping essential moisture. Best of all, it’s a laureth and lauryl sulfate free shampoo. After washing my hair, I condition it with the Giovanni tea tree triple treat conditioner, the tea tree oil feels absolutely invigorating on your scalp. All of Giovanni’s hair products are made in the USA and almost all of their products are vegan friendly.

Picture credit: Giovannicosmetics.com

Earthpaste Toothpaste

Earthpaste is a great natural toothpaste without fluoride. Better yet, Earthpaste toothpaste has only five ingredients: water, Redmond Clay, real salt, xylitol and essential oils. However, this vegan toothpaste brand doesn’t foam and takes a little while to get used to but cleans very well and leaves you feeling fresh. The unsweetened spearmint flavor is my favorite and it is also the only Earthpaste toothpaste without xylitol if its matter to you. The tubes are also small so it’s easy to pack several for the road.

Picture credit: amazon.com

Dr Bronner's Lavender Soap Bar

The king of natural and cruelty free soap brands has to be Dr. Bronner's. The company makes everything from natural shampoos, organic laundry detergent to amazing castile soap bars. The Dr. Bronner’s lavender bar soap is one of my go-to vegan skin care products, and it is the only soap I’ve used for many years. Not only does the coconut oil castile soap leave my skin soft, but Dr. Bronner's prides itself on being one of the leading certified cruelty free companies. All of Dr. Bronner's products are vegan except for their lip balms and body balms which contain beeswax. We have come across Dr Bronner’s in several places around the world but for an inflated price. Therefore, I always make sure to order and stock up on a handful of Dr Bronner’s soaps whenever we’re in the US.

Picture credit: drbronner.com

Vegan Skin Care Products for Men

I’ve always been a minimalist when it comes to packing and the products I bring with me on the road. I do, however, have a few strict requirements. All the vegan toiletries I pack are 100% cruelty free products (obviously), they also have to be long-lasting, high quality, made from mostly natural ingredients, and be fairly easy to pack. I normally don’t care too much about the price as long as it’s a product I really enjoy that actually works - I don’t buy into the hype and only use vegan skin care brands that work for me.

So what vegan men's toiletries do I pack? Well right now I only bring 6 toiletries plus a toothbrush and a hair brush. I consider these the most essential vegan products for men in 2o18, and I never travel anywhere without them. So without further ado, here is my cruelty free products list.

Urtekram Organic Soap Bar

Urtekram is a Scandinavian brand that make vegan organic skin care products such as soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and they are very fairly priced. I used to only use Dr Bronner’s natural soap bars but after stumbling across this brand in Sweden, I have done a full 180. Today, Urtekram’s organic soap bar is the only one I use. To me the size is perfect and I can easily fit an extra one in my toiletry bag without it being heavy or bulky.

Urtekram also makes soaps in bottles for all of you who prefer that, the reason I use bars is because I feel like it lasts longer and isn't as wasteful.

Picture credit: Urtekram.se

Jason Dandruff Shampoo 2 in 1

If I could only pack one vegan skin care product this would be it. Seriously, my life changed after finding Jasons natural dandruff shampoo and I will never use anything else on my hair. I have always suffered from dry skin and especially a dry scalp which has resulted in dandruff all year around. Unfortunately, my dry scalp also helped speed up my receding hairline and led to me losing a lot of hair. But not anymore.

I bought my first bottle after reading a Jason dandruff shampoo review about three years ago and I have not had any issues since. My scalp is great, no more dandruff or hair loss, and best of all it smells great and lasts forever. All of Jason's dandruff shampoo ingredients are natural and very gentle for the skin.

I usually order two bottles at a time from Amazon and the shampoo lasts me for the better part of a year.

Picture credit: jason-personalcare.com

Tom’s of Maine Toothpaste

After trying several natural and cruelty free toothpaste brands and being disappointed by all of them, Tom’s of Maine was a breath of fresh air (no pun intended). Unlike most natural toothpaste that I’ve tried, Tom’s actually foams when being used and it leaves me feeling really clean for hours. It's the best vegan toothpaste I’ve tried and I don’t say that lightly. Tom's natural toothpaste comes in several fresh flavors and my favorite is Tom’s fluoride-free anti-plaque and whitening spearmint paste.

Tom's of Maine also sells toothpaste with fluoride as well as fruit-flavored toothpaste for children and a dozen other flavors and natural oral care products.

Picture credit: Tomsofmaine.com

Maroma Essential Fragrance

I found this vegan cologne for men by accident one day at Whole Foods and really fell in love with the scent and the fact that it’s natural. This men's vegan cologne is highly concentrated, based on essential oils, and comes in a small 10 ml (1/3 fl oz) version that’s easy to pack. My go-to scent is the Tonka Vetiver, but it's available in three other natural fragrances for men and they are all really pleasant.

So far, a 10 ml cologne bottle has lasted me over a year and I apply it almost daily. The men's vegan cologne from Maroma Essential Fragrance comes in a small package which makes it perfect for vegan travelers.

Picture credit: Amazon.com

Every Man Jack Deodorant

Every Man Jack is one of my new favorite vegan skin care brands and I use their natural aluminum free deodorant and pomade every day. The Every Man Jack deodorants keep me dry all day even in the tropics and all the scents I’ve tried are really pleasant. Combine that with mostly natural ingredients and the fact that it doesn’t stain any of my black t-shirts, and you have one of the best natural deodorants for men I’ve ever come across.

On top of that, Every Man Jack has one of the most extensive selections of vegan men’s grooming products on the market right now. The products are high quality and much cheaper than a lot of the competition, and they are all made in the United States. An Every Man Jack deodorant on Amazon will set you back between $4-$6.

Picture Credit: everymanjack.com

Every Man Jack Pomade

Guys, this is the best cruelty free hair styling product I’ve used so far. Considering we spend most of the year chasing the sun, I have strict requirements for all my vegan men's hair products, especially when it comes to heat resistance. The pomades and natural hair gels that I’ve used in the past have all melted and made a mess in the heat. This vegan pomade, however, stays firm, is easy to style with, and lasts longer than most. Above all, it keeps my hair in place no matter the weather! If you’re looking for a great natural pomade to use in every climate the Every Man Jack Pomade is the best I've found!

I’ve come to realize that the Every Man Jack Pomade works best with dry hair when you’re in warmer climates and with damp hair in colder climates.

Picture Credit: everymanjack.com

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