Best Vegan Canggu Restaurants – Where To Eat Vegan in The GU

Vegan food in Canggu

Looking for the best vegan Canggu restaurants? Our list will show you where to find everything from mouthwatering vegan burgers, pancakes, milkshakes to plenty of plant-based Mexican and Balinese delights.

Canggu is an up and coming vegan-friendly beach hangout located just north of Seminyak in Southern Bali, and it’s one of the most popular destinations in Bali.

The town of Canggu is spread out over 10 kilometers of beaches and is home to some of Bali's world-famous surf breaks. And to this day, surfing remains one of Canggu's main attractions alongside a growing vegan food scene.

In recent years, besides attracting surfers from all over the world, Canguu has become a digital nomad hot spot.

Naturally, we jumped at the chance to eat our way through Canggu which is undeniably Bali’s second most vegan friendly-destination after Ubud.

Since our first visit to Canggu back in 2016, we’ve returned several times to scope out even more vegan food in the GU and have updated our list with some new favorites.

These are our top recommendations for vegan restaurants in Canggu that you shouldn’t miss!

Peloton Supershop

Vegan Canggu - plate of 3 tacos

No list of vegan restaurants in Canggu would be complete without mentioning the super popular vegan cafe and bicycle shop, Peloton Supershop. It's undoubtedly one of the pearls of Canggu which is why it's typically packed from opening until closing.

This all-vegan restaurant features a relatively small but well thought out menu serving everything from jackfruit tacos and lasagna to creative salads and vegan schnitzel.

Peloton also offers a selection of well-made coffees with your choice of milk (coconut, almond, soy) as well as a ridiculously decadent chocolate milkshake topped with coconut whipped cream. Honestly, if you visit and don’t try the chocolate milkshake at Canggu, you’re missing out!

In addition to being the best vegan restaurant in Canggu, Peloton also sells merchandise - mostly for people into bicycles as well as reusable water bottles that are perfect for the beach.

Needless to say, a visit to Peloton is a must.

vegan hash browns at Canggu restaurant

Vinny's Warung

Plate of vegan Balinese food

Vinny's Warung is an all vegan restaurant in Canggu serving high quality and organic versions of all the best Balinese and Indonesian classics.

Indulge in gado-gado, nasi campur, vegan bakso, and tempeh goreng or sink your teeth into a great vegan tempeh burger. You can even order homemade sambals and condiments that you can bring home and cook with yourself.

Since we last ate there, they have added to the menu with exciting additions such as jackfruit tacos and a large range of vegan sweets and whole cakes!

Now, if that's not reason enough to visit Canggu, then we don't know what is!

Vegan Balinese food in Canggu

The Shady Shack

Vegan food in Canggu - 2 burgers with fries

The Shady Shack is a vegetarian restaurant in Canggu that shouldn't be missed. In fact, the Shady Shack was one of the first places that started serving vegan food in Canggu.

This “not so shady” spot, filled with bohemian decor is perfect for any health nut or vegan who comes to Canggu.

The menu is vegetarian (not 100% vegan) but they offer plenty of vegan options to satisfy even the hungriest vegan. They have a long list of raw and cruelty-free desserts that easily make up for any non-vegan food they serve.

Also, the Shady Shack has a very nice and tranquil garden that functions as an outdoor seating area where you can lounge with a tropical drink enjoying the idyllic surroundings.

Taco Casa

table with vegan tacos and burritos

Who doesn’t love Mexican food?

In Southeast Asia, good Mexican food can be hard to come by, but Taco Casa fills that void.

Though not completely vegan or even vegetarian, you’ll have the option of making your own tacos or burrito and it is easy to veganize several items on the menu by requesting no dairy.

Some of our favorite dishes included the sizzling hot veggie fajitas, make your own tacos and the wet burrito which comes covered in spicy salsa. With restaurants in Canggu, Petitenget (North End of Seminyak), and Ubud, it’s easy to see why Taco Casa is a favorite among expats living in Bali and tourists alike.

We highly recommend paying them a visit for your taco fix. And from what we have experienced, the menu is the same and the food equally as good at all locations.

The Spicy Coconut

3 tacos with guacamole and sour cream

Update: During a recent visit to Canggu we were informed that the Spicy Coconut would be closing down for good since the owners decided to move back to Australia. Sadly, there is no longer a Spicy Coconut in Canggu anymore.

On the border between Seminyak and Canggu (the address says Seminyak but it is considered to be in Canggu) lays yet another cute 100% vegan eatery.

In this beachy cafe decorated with palm tree art, surfboards, and hand painted colorful wooden tables, you can enjoy fresh tropical smoothie bowls, scrambled tofu, fresh juices, and homemade cakes.

As you can probably guess, breakfast is the specialty here, and Spicy Coconut quickly became our go-to spot for some of the best vegan breakfast in Canggu.

They also have the nicest staff around which is always a plus in our book.

Warung Bu Mi

Balinese Vegan Cuisine

While in Bali you should give some of the local Balinese vegan dishes a try, and when it comes to Canggu, we think Warung Bu Mi is the best.

This local restaurant is centrally located and easy to get to from pretty much anywhere in Canggu, another bonus is that they serve some of the cheapest food around.

Like many warungs in Bali, the food at Bu Mi is not all vegan, but they do have a large range of plant-based dishes. Also, since the food is served buffet style and charged by weight, it’s easy to pick and choose to put together a fully vegan meal.

Better yet, thanks to the great prices, a vegan meal at Bu Mi in Canggu won’t set you back more than a dollar or two.

Mad Pops

Vegan ice cream in Canggu

Mad Pops is a brand of ice cream that has taken Bali by storm the last few years. All of their flavors are coconut based and therefore also vegan.

Many restaurants and stores around Bali carry Mad Pops ice cream, however, if you want to pick from all of their flavors you’ll have to visit the shop in Canggu or Seminyak.

Although not a restaurant per se, we think Mad Pops makes some great vegan ice cream, and since they are practically located in Batu Bolong, Mad Pops is a must visit for vegans in Canggu.

Mad Pops also offers chocolate and caramel toppings as well as vegan sprinkles and oreo crumbles that can be added to all of their vegan ice creams.

Cafe Organic

Cafe Organic is a smallish vegetarian cafe in Canggu located a stone's throw from Deus Ex Machina. This place is only open for breakfast and lunch, and their extensive vegetarian menu is full of vegan-friendly options.

Prices are quite fair to be in Canggu and the food is of good quality. If you’re looking for a vegan-friendly spot to fuel up before a long day of surf, then Cafe Organic is your spot.

Other Restaurants Serving Vegan Food in Canggu

Plate of vegan cheese nachos

In addition to the above-mentioned vegan restaurants in Canggu, there are a few other spots we recommend you check out.

  • Oma Jamu

With an extensive vegan menu covering everything from vegan burgers and salads to great Balinese specialities, a visit to Oma Jamu needs to be on everyone’s to-do list. And don’t forget to pair your meal with a freshly made tropical juice.

  • Nalu Bowls

Nalu Bowls is a legendary smoothie bowl shop in Bali with locations in Canggu, Uluwatu, Seminyak, and even Jakarta.

As the name entails, Nalu Bowls serves healthy smoothie bowls topped with homemade granola and fresh tropical fruit. We’ve been to both their locations in Canggu and Uluwatu, and love their pina colada smoothie bowl.

  • Green Ginger Noodle House

At this vegetarian noodle house, you can feast on everything from Vietnamese Pho to authentic Pad Thai. Service is good and quick, and the food holds a really high standard.

  • Samadi Kitchen Lab

This health-oriented restaurant is a part of a bigger wellness center where you can do yoga and enjoy spa treatments. Or if you're like us, you come to enjoy a well-prepared vegan meal and take advantage of the salad buffet offered for lunch.

  • In The Raw

If you’re into juicing, raw food, and fasting, then In The Raw will be your jam.

This raw cafe is a part of The Joglo which is a community and cafe hybrid that’s popular among digital nomads. At In The Raw, juices are the main focus and they offer a total of 25 different kinds as well as cleanses, but they also serve other raw vegan dishes.

If you’ve come to Bali in search of surfing, awe-inspiring sunsets, and outstanding vegan food, then Canggu is well worth a visit.

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  1. February 1, 2017 / 9:23 am

    Yum! Last time I was in Bali I stayed in Ubud, but I’ll definitely be heading to Canggu next time I’m back on the island of the Gods!!! 🙂

    • Victoria and Adam
      February 2, 2017 / 6:46 am

      Hey Mindy! Ubud is our absolute favorite, the endless amount of vegan food is one of the reasons we love it so much. Canggu is definitely worth a visit though, new vegans restaurants are springing up all the time and the food scene is quite different compared to Ubud. Thanks for being our first comment!

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