6 Vegan Prague Restaurants Serving Hearty Vegan Grub

vegan restaurants in Prague

After a month spent eating and sightseeing in Budapest, we headed north to the Czech capital in search of more vegan eats. To our surprise, it turned our to be really easy to be vegan in Prague. By accident, we ended up across the street from an all vegan restaurant, around the corner from a vegan bio store and a pizzeria selling vegan pizza, and within walking distance to one of the best vegan burgers we've ever had. If that doesn't sum up the abundance of vegan restaurants in Prague we don't know what will.

On top of that, we also managed to do some prime vegan shopping and scope out the trendy Letna district. Without further ado, here are 6 vegan restaurants in Prague that confirm that the Czech capital is one of the most vegan-friendly cities in Europe!

Waipawa - Best Vegan Prague Restaurant for Burgers

vegan restaurants in Prague

If we had to only recommend one place serving vegan food in Prague it would have to be Waipawa. Honestly, they serve one of the best burgers we have ever had and we don’t say that lightly; burgers are holy to us.

Waipawa is an all vegan restaurant with a small but very satisfying menu consisting of burgers, gyros, and burritos, as well as a daily lunch special. But don’t worry so much about the other items. In our opinion, you come to Waipawa for one reason and one reason only -to eat their burgers!

The burger comes in three different versions: cheeseburger, jalapeno, and red beet. But let’s be honest, we’re greasy folk’ so our favorite burger was definitely the one with cheese. The patties are made in the kitchen and they are perfectly seasoned, covered in greasy burger dressing, served between two fried and steaming hot buns with a fresh salad on the side. Wow! We get hungry just from writing this.

We ended up living down the street from the Waipawa in Letna and we ended up eating here a lot. And as mentioned, we highly recommend you try this vegan restaurant in Prague!

Price Range: A burger costs 135 Kč ($6)

Blue Vegan Pig Shop - All Vegan Donut Shop in Prague

vegan restaurants in Prague

Looking to feast at an all vegan donut shop? Then Prague has got you covered with the Blue Vegan Pig Shop! The range of flavors offered at this vegan bakery is impressive to say the least. They literally serve every type of donut anyone could wish for and they are 100% vegan!

If you're into the classic type of donut you can choose between PB & jelly, chocolate, vegan nutella, cinnamon, strawberry, and many more. But they also have daily specials and this is where you find the good stuff. Oreo stuffed donuts, chocolate and pretzels, cream filling, strawberry cream filling, rainbow donuts, and unicorn donuts!

And if you happen to not be into sweet stuff, if that’s even possible, the Blue Vegan Pig also serves savory bagels with cream cheese and faux “salmon” or tofu scramble.

The only downside, which they weigh up with a great selection of donuts, is that they don’t offer coffee. Because who eats donuts without coffee?

Price Range: A single donut cost 45 Kč ($2) but some special versions can be more expensive.

Pizza Letna - Cheesiest Vegan Pizza in Prague

vegan restaurants in Prague

We have great news for all you vegans who have missed eating a well made, fast food pizza covered in cheese. The solution is called Pizza Letna and it's one of the best vegan restaurants in Prague.

This tiny little take-out pizza joint is not fully vegan but has become quite the sensation since they introduced vegan options.

The vegan pizza is a standard margarita that comes in 3 sizes with tomato sauce, basil, and a thick layer of melted vegan cheese. For an extra charge you can add toppings to the pizza but in our opinion, it’s best enjoyed as it is!

Pizza Letna doesn’t offer seating though, so you can choose to either get your pizza delivered or pick it up and bring it home. If you don’t happen to live in the area we suggest you bring it to Letna Park around the corner.

At Letna Park you can overlook Prague’s Old Town while stuffing your face with one of the best vegan pizzas in Europe and washing it down with a cold Pilsner. And if it wasn't clear before, this place is a must visit for any vegan in Prague!

Price Range: Between 125 Kč and 235 Kč ($5.5 - $11) depending on the size of the pizza plus an additional fee for toppings.

Moment - Best Vegan Prague Restaurant For Breakfast and Lunch

vegan restaurants in Prague

Sometimes we stumble upon restaurants that surprise us and Moment is one of them. At first, the menu seemed to be a typical uninspired vegan menu with falafel, hummus, and wraps, and it was disappointing since we expected more from the vegan food in Prague. We also got a feeling that the atmosphere was too relaxed for there to be any decent food served. However, we were about to be proven wrong.

Moment turned out to be one of the best vegan restaurants in Prague.

We opted for the seitan and cheese bagel and a shawarma roll, and to our delight, the food was delicious and well-prepared. At Moment you will be spoiled for choice. The menu consists of several burgers, quesadillas, falafels, and salads, as well as daily desserts that many people praise them for. As if that wasn’t enough, there is a long menu of different teas, coffees, wines, and beer which obviously also are totally vegan. Oh, and Moment also serves dishes like waffles, pancakes, and other breakfast favorites!

Price Range: Main course is between 95 Kč to 135 Kč ($4 - $6). Breakfast and cakes are cheaper.

Loving Hut - Vegan Asian Chain

vegan restaurants in Prague

Chances are that you’ve already heard of the Asian buffet-styled chain Loving Hut founded by Supreme Master Chiang Hai. With over 150 outlets on all continents including Africa, Australia, and 15 states in the US, this is by far the biggest vegan franchise in the world. They also happen to serve some really great vegan food in Prague!

In fact, nowhere is Loving Hut as popular as in Eastern Europe, and in Prague alone there are eight separate restaurants. All Loving Hut restaurants are allowed to serve their own vegan food so the selection differs a bit. That being said, the focus is always on all-vegan Asian inspired food served buffet style.

The food is weighed which means you have to be tactical and focus on the lightest but tastiest options and avoid things like rice and noodles which only weighs your plate down.

Our favorite dishes at our local Loving Hut were the deep-fried cauliflower, the maki rolls, the huge spring rolls, and the unsuspecting but very authentic Greek salad with vegan feta cheese.

Price Range: 24 Kč ($1) per 100g of food. Food is weight based.

Mama Coffee - Vegetarian Restaurant in Prague Serving Vegan Options

vegan restaurants in Prague

Mama Coffee is a super popular restaurant with three different locations in Prague. It is not an all vegan restaurant but they have a few tasty vegan options. This place is literally the busiest place we've visited in Prague and it seems to be as popular with local students as it is with digital nomads trying to get some work done.

Not all three of Mama Coffee's locations have the same menu so make sure you visit their two-story restaurant close to Old Town Prague for the most options.

Personally, we enjoyed the vegan burger they offered and wish we could have tried their pierogies, but unfortunately, they were sold out both times we were there. Mama Coffee also serves an all vegan apple strudel pie which we paired with soy cappuccinos.

All in all, this is a comfortable restaurant that's well worth a visit if you're traveling as a vegan in Prague!

Price Range: Main course ranges between 135 Kč - 165 Kč ($6 - $7.5).

Why it is so Easy to be Vegan in Prague

vegan restaurants in Prague

All things considered, Prague offers some great vegan food that kept us more than satisfied for our two-week stay. The Czech capital has so many vegan restaurants and options around that we didn’t even manage to try them all.

Prague also has multiple bio stores selling all kinds of vegan products as well as an all vegan grocery store connected to one of the Loving Hut restaurants.

An extra bonus tip for all vegans visiting Prague is that they have a great vegan shopping scene with at least two all vegan showrooms selling Will's Vegan Shoes and other conscious fashion.

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vegan restaurants in Prague

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