Vegan Rome – Where To Find The Best Vegan Restaurants in Rome

Vegan Rome

For the food lover, there is quite possibly no better place to eat than in Rome, with amazing vegan options for every occasion.

Are you looking for a great dinner experience with an amazing bottle of wine? A quick pizza for lunch? An abundance of vegan gelato? Mouthwatering breakfast for under $2? Vegan parmesan that is so good it will have you doing a double take? Rome has it all!

In fact, we love Rome so much that the Eternal City has become our base and we have spent several months living in the city. Whenever we come to visit, we hunt down every vegan restaurant, cafe, and gelato place we can locate.

Our vegan Rome food guide breaks down the very best vegan restaurants in Rome and is always updated whenever we find a new mouthwatering addition to share.

Vegan Rome: Where To Find The Best Vegan Restaurants in Rome

  1. Ma Va'?
  2. Flower Burger
  3. Dall'Albero
  4. Fratelli La Bufala
  5. Gelarmony Arte Del Gelato Siciliano
  6. Grezzo
  7. Vegan Breakfast in Rome
  8. Madre Terra
  9. iVegan
  10. Il Margutta

Ma Va'? - Our Favorite Vegan Restaurant in Rome

Vegan Rome

Ma Va is our absolute favorite place to eat in Rome and definitely one of the best vegan restaurants we’ve ever visited. It’s located a short trip outside of the touristic center, and it’s a must visit for anyone visiting Rome.

This small all Italian restaurant has everything you could ask for; an extensive menu with vegan versions of Italian and Roman classics such as carbonara, amatriciana, saltimbocca, and quite possibly the best panna cotta.

Combine those amazing vegan Italian dishes with a super cute interior, great staff, and an impressive wine list, and you have the perfect restaurant for a dinner date or a meal with friends and family.

Everyone who visits Rome should have at least one real Italian food experience and there is no doubt that Ma Va is the best restaurant for that, whether you’re vegan or not.

  • What to order: Get the carbonara to start with, saltimbocca for second, and the panna cotta or the chocolate mousse for dessert. Also, if you you're into wine, we suggest you try the Elena Walsh Sauvignon Blanc.
  • Ma Va? Address: Via Euclide Turba, 6/8, 00195 Roma
Vegan Restaurants in Rome

Flower Burger - Best Vegan Burgers in Europe

Vegan Rome

We’re not even hesitating when we say that Flower Burger serves the best vegan burgers in Europe. This all-vegan establishment opened its first restaurant in Milano over ten years ago and has since opened several restaurants across Italy.

We visit the Flower Burger located behind the Vatican as often as we can and enjoy it more and more each time.

The vegan burgers are satisfying and filling but not as heavy as typical American burgers are. The flavors and ingredients are carefully combined and made of healthy plant-based ingredients and every burger offers a completely different experience.

Better yet, Flower Burger makes the most epic potato wedges we’ve ever come across!

  • What to order: You can't go wrong with the Pink Cherry Bomb or the Flower Burger with a side of potato wedges and mayo.
  • Flower Burger Address: Via dei Gracchi, 87, 00192 Roma

Dall'Albero - Vegan Cheese Factory

Vegan Rome

Dall'Albero is run by the highly passionate Gulia who lives and breaths vegan cheese. On the ground floor of the all vegan restaurant, you’ll find a couple of tables and the option to enjoy an aperitivo and a few smaller dishes. However, the real reason you come to Dall'Albero is for the vegan cheese.

In the basement there is a full-blown vegan cheese factory that we had the pleasure of being invited to. Gulia took us on a tour throughout the factory, explaining the process of making each cheese and teaching us about textures, flavors, the aging process, and everything else involved in making artisan vegan cheese in Italy.

In the factory, they make hard cheeses, cream cheeses, and pretty much everything in between from cashews and almonds.

After the tour, we were offered a tasting of all the available cheeses paired with a great bottle of wine, and it was an experience we won’t soon forget. If you've been on the hunt for real vegan cheese, you have to stop by Dall'Albero!

  • What to order: The cheese platter is the best way to sample all the vegan cheeses offered from hard aged cheeses to smooth cream cheeses.
  • Dall'Albero Address: Via Salaria, 163-167, 00100 Roma

Fratelli La Bufala - Neapolitan Vegan Pizza in Rome

Vegan Rome

Are you looking to enjoy an authentic Neapolitan pizza in Rome? Then Fratelli La Bufala has what you’re looking for! This restaurant offers some of the best vegan pizza in Rome, and we don't say that lightly considering we've eaten our fair share in the Italian capital!

Their marinara is vegan by default and for a small charge, you can add toppings as you like. They also have a couple of veganizable pasta dishes that we have yet to try - the pizza is just too good.

You might have heard about Fratelli La Bufala before since they have several restaurants in Italy - three in Rome alone - one in London, one in New York, and more in several other places around the world.

And don’t let the chain-like setup scare you, this vegan pizza is phenomenal! We visited their three-story building close to Ponte Milvio and recommend you stop by.

  • What to order: Order the marinara pizza and add mushrooms, artichokes, or any vegetable you prefer.
  • Fratelli La Bufala Address: Via Velletri, 22 00198 Roma (plus another two locations)

Gelarmony Arte Del Gelato Siciliano - Best Vegan Gelato in Rome

Vegan Restaurants Rome

Everyone knows that Italy is famous for its gelato and luckily enough for us vegans, vegan gelato is becoming more and more prominent in Rome.

All gelaterias that we’ve visited had at least a few vegan sorbets and several of them offered vegan chocolate and hazelnut options.

We tried a plethora of gelato shops in Rome and were never disappointed by any of them. In fact, we made it our mission to eat gelato every day, even in the dead of winter. When in Rome, right?

Out of all the amazing gelaterias we visited, the Gelarmony Arte Del Gelato Siciliano was by far the best. Here you'll find a separate room dedicated solely to vegan gelato with flavors ranging from vanilla and chocolate to hazelnut and coffee. In total there are 12+ vegan gelato flavors and a variety of sorbets.

On top of that, they also offer vegan cones as well as regular and chocolate whipped cream - panna - which is a must when eating vegan gelato in Rome!

Note that there are several Gelarmony Arte Del Gelato Siciliano shops scattered around the city.

  • What to order: Trust us, the hazelnut gelato is the best vegan gelato in Rome. But then again, you have 12+ flavors to choose between, and they're all amazing!
  • Gelarmony Arte Del Gelato Siciliano Address: Via Marcantonio Colonna, 34, 00192 Roma

Solo Crudo - Raw Vegan Food in Rome

Vegan Restaurants in Rome

Solo Crudo, which translates to only raw in Italian, is an all vegan raw restaurant located in Prati near the Vatican.

We recently visited Solo Crudo for lunch and had a great experience. To make things clear, we're usually not huge fans of raw food, but Solo Crudo offers a unique vegan dining experience in Rome. In fact, some of the dishes we tried really impressed us, and both the flavors and presentation were excellent.

The menu at Solo Crude is inspired by the Mediterranean kitchen and is seasonal which is similar to most other vegan restaurants in Rome.

You'll find stuffed pumpkin flowers, zucchini pasta dishes, and an array of vegan cheeses. However, there is also a fusion element to the restaurant with three types of sushi and a burger.

Moreover, they also serve their own organic beer and had a decent wine list as well.

All things considered, Solo Crude is a great restaurant for vegans in Rome, and the perfect place for a nice light lunch or a dinner with family, or anyone interested in eating raw food in Rome.

  • What to order: The pumpkin flowers stuffed with trapani pesto, capers, and oregano pesto.
  • Solo Crudo Address: Via Federico Cesi, 22, 00193 Roma
Vegan Restaurants in Rome
Vegan Rome

Grezzo - Raw Vegan Desserts

Vegan Restaurants in Rome

Grezzo Raw Chocolate is a high-end raw vegan dessert shop that sells artisan gelato, dessert, and chocolates. The owners of Grezzo have made vegan desserts into an art form, and like everything fancier in life, you have to be prepared to pay premium prices for it.

Grezzo Raw Chocolate is located a short walk from the Colosseum and is accessible from most parts of central Rome. We’ve tried their gelato which was tasty but didn’t get a chance to try their chocolates or cakes.

  • What to order: Try one of the many raw vegan desserts on offer or sample their gelato.
  • Grezzo Raw Chocolate Address: Via Urbana, 130, 00184 Roma

Vegan Breakfast in Rome - Cornetto and Cappuccino

Vegan Restaurants in Rome

The best part about being vegan in Rome is that you can enjoy vegan croissants or vegan cornetti, as the Italians call them, with soy milk cappuccinos for breakfast every morning. This classic Italian breakfast is literally available everywhere.

Within a five minute walk from both of the apartments we rented there were at least four cafes serving vegan croissants every morning and every bar we visited offered soy milk as an option.

And we're not just talking about a boring plain croissant, as a vegan in Rome, you can get your hands on croissants filled with all sorts of jam, almond paste, chocolate, and anything else you can imagine.

Just note that it might not always be advertised as vegan, so you have to ask the staff. We walk you through all the steps to finding and ordering the best vegan croissants in Italy in our guide.

Madre Terra - A Great Selection of Seasonal Vegan Food

Madre Terra is another all vegan restaurant in Rome that opened in 2017. They have a small and intimate menu that changes after the seasons with a focus on the Italian cuisine. The seating area at Madre Terra is quite large and suitable for bigger groups of people and events - contact the restaurant to make reservations.

It's one of the few places in Rome where you can go and enjoy a full menu of classic vegan Italian dishes.

  • What to order: Order a pizza for dinner or come early and enjoy the lunch buffet.
  • Madre Terra Address: Via Nomentana, 223, 00198 Roma

iVegan - The Ultimate Vegan Grocery Store

Vegan Rome

In addition to the amazing vegan food, Rome also boasts one of the best vegan grocery stores in the world. iVegan has everything you can possibly think of when it comes to vegan products.

They sell everything from vegan skin care products, to vegan milks, sandwiches, pasta, gluten-free products and faux meats, not to mention 50+ vegan cheeses!

Do yourself a favor and buy some of the vegan parmigiano - it’s as close to the real thing as you can get and is locally produced in Tuscany. We even treated some seriously picky non-vegan Italians to the vegan parmesan and they loved it!

iVegan is located within an easy walk from Flower Burger, and we suggest you visit both at the same time, that’s what we did on an almost weekly basis!

  • What to order: Do yourself a favor and don't leave iVegan without the Gondino stagionato vegan parmesan.
  • iVegan Address: Via Angelo Emo, 125, 00136 Roma

Il Margutta - Vegetarian and Vegan Food in Rome

Il Margutta is the oldest vegetarian restaurant in Rome, and it’s a landmark for vegans and vegetarians in Italy. For lunch, they serve an all you can eat buffet with several vegan options ranging from pasta dishes to salads, soups, and even desserts.

Although Margutta is vegetarian, everything that is vegan is clearly marked and for lunch most of the dishes are vegan-friendly. If you come for dinner they have a full menu with something for everyone.

Il Margutta is located a stone's throw from Piazza de Popolo and a short walk from Piazza di Spagna making this vegetarian restaurant in Rome very accessible from anywhere in the city and the perfect pit stop while sightseeing.

  • What to order: Il Margutta is well-known for their extensive lunch buffet.
  • Il Margutta Address: Via Margutta, 118, 00187 Roma

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Vegan Restaurants in Rome

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