Vegan Timberlands: The Best Boots for Fall and Winter 2021!

Vegan Timberlands

Is there really such a thing as vegan Timberlands? You might be surprised to find out that there actually is.

Timberland might not be a brand you equate with vegan footwear, but they recently launched an all-canvas version of their classic Timberland boot. And besides Timberland, there are several other brands offering their own take of the classic Timberland boot all made from animal-friendly materials.

But first, let’s start with the basics and take a look at what Timberland has done to update their selection of boots.

Are Timberlands Vegan?

So first things first, are Timberlands vegan? Well as of recently, we can say yes, Timberland has vegan-friendly footwear. We reached out to Timberland to inquire about the glue they use and they responded that it’s all synthetic.

So that was a great starting point, and we could move on to the materials.

Now when people wonder about vegan Timberlands, they are almost always asking about the classic Timberland boot. You know, the tan work boot that has been a fashion statement for several decades.

To our surprise, in 2018, Timberland came out with a vegan version of their classic best-seller. The boot is completely synthetic and made out of Thread™ fabric which is made from 50% recycled plastic bottles. It comes in three stylish colors and sizes for both women and men.

Pretty, cool right?

The Classic 6-Inch Vegan Timberlands

Lately, Timberland has made an effort to lower their impact on the environment by introducing recycled materials, textiles such as canvas, and less animal-based materials. This endeavor is something the brand has vouched to focus more on in the future.

Unfortunately, at the moment, the classic vegan Timberland boot made from canvas isn’t available on Timberland’s website. The reason being that it was launched as more of a limited edition boot for the 2018/2019 season. With that said, you can still find and buy all versions of the boot on Amazon, check them out here.

Since the vegan Timberlands were such a hit, we do expect to see Timberland bring back the canvas version of the boot for the upcoming winter season, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

However, we promise to update this article as soon as they do!

Vegan Timberland Boot Alternatives

As mentioned, many brands have been inspired by the timeless boot, and we have listed the best vegan Timberland alternatives below.

Will’s Vegan Shoes

By now, it’s becoming rather obvious how much we love Will’s Vegan Shoes, and we think it’s for good reason. As mentioned in our post about vegan sweaters, we both own a pair of boots from Will’s and absolutely love them.

In terms of work boots that look like Timberlands, Will’s offers two pairs with different perks.

The Classic Tan Dock Boot is probably as close as you can get to a vegan Timberland alternative. It even has the same tan color as the original boot. This model is made entirely out of a vegan micro-suede with faux leather details and a great rubber sole for optimal grip.

The material is generally more breathable than real leather, and thanks to the insole padding, you can wear these boots for long hikes or days at work for ultimate comfort.

The Chestnut Brown Dock Boot looks more like a typical work boot with the sturdy brown vegan leather. However, unlike the Classic Tan model, this boot is actually waterproof, making it ideal for colder months and strong enough to take on the slush, snow, and mud.

And let’s not forget that Will’s is a carbon neutral and PETA-approved company that makes all of their shoes in Europe. In other words, they are a fantastic brand to support in regards to animals, the planet, and worker welfare.

Image credit: Will's Vegan Shoes

Ahimsa - Jeffrey

Ahimsa is another one of our favorite all-vegan shoe brands. All of their shoes are hand-made in Brazil and they have an impressive selection which includes a pair of Timberland-inspired boots.

Now, compared to the regular Timberland boot which is more of a work boot, Ahimsa's vegan boot was designed with hiking in mind. Although, thanks to it’s sleek design, this boot can easily be worn with a more dressed up outfit.

The boot itself is surprisingly light and even though the vegan leather breathes well, the boot is sure to keep you warm and dry. And the hiking boot-inspired hook lace up makes it easy to pull the boot on and off.

Lastly, we can say from personal experience that Ahimsa produces some of the most high-quality vegan shoes available.

Image credit: Ahimsa Vegan Shoes

Ethical WARES Treath Boot


Ethical WARES is another cruelty-free brand and online store that has developed a vegan version of the Timberland boot. This model is called the Treath Boot and it’s widely-considered to be a top winter boot for men.

This model is a clean and simple version with no excessive details or logos. It does come in the classical tan color (in this case called “mustard”) and it’s slightly cheaper than the original boot.

Also, Ethical WARES' vegan Timberland boots were designed and handmade in Italy using high-quality vegan leather.

The boot offers great comfort and can be ordered directly online. Just note that the brand’s mustard-colored vegan leather isn’t as water-resistant as the other boots they sell so keep that in mind when purchasing.


NAE is an ethical vegan brand based in Portugal that we’ve mentioned in the past when covering vegan footwear.

The brand is known for offering a great and varied selection of vegan versions of your favorite shoes. Currently, they're offering two versions of Timberland’s classic boot.

ETNA is a unisex boot with a look that’s almost a complete replica of the original boot. It shares the same cut, angles, and tan color. Although it comes in two other colors as well.

The boot is also incredibly comfortable and has a solid grip thanks to the thick rubber sole. All and all, this model is a great choice if you're looking for a pair of vegan Timberland boots to carry you through the winter.

ATKA is another boot from NAE that shares a few similarities with the Timberland boot, although it’s a bit different from the ETNA model.

According to NAE, this is a mountain boot designed for trekking. This was achieved by only using the best ecological micro-fiber on the market while spending a great amount of effort on balancing warming capabilities with breathability.

Similar to the other boot, this one is unisex and it comes in a large range of sizes for both women and men.

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