Vegan Wallets: Durable and Stylish Models For Women and Men

Vegan Wallets

On the hunt for durable yet stylish high-quality vegan wallets? Whether you're searching for cork, hemp, canvas, or vegan leather wallets, you'll find it here. Read on for our top picks!

You realize pretty quickly after becoming vegan how many of your everyday products are made from non-vegan materials like leather. Now we have always been supporters of using those products up instead of discarding them or donating them to others who might need them more. However, sooner or later you will find yourself needing some vegan alternatives.

But don't worry, we are living in an exciting time because never before has there been so many stylish high-quality options for wallets, shoes, clothing, and more.

It is easy to get overwhelmed by all of the options which is why we decided to highlight all of the best vegan wallets to make your search easier.

As per usual, we try to focus on recommending brands that prioritize sustainability over fast fashion.

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Best Vegan Wallets for Women:

  1. Angela Roi
  2. Matt & Nat
  3. Doshi
  4. Corkor
  6. Red Cube
  7. Money Smart

Best Vegan Wallets for Men:

  1. Corkor
  2. Access Denied
  3. Brave Gentleman
  4. Appaloosa Provisions
  5. Urban Lifestyle
  6. Hempmania
  7. Matt & Nat

Vegan Wallets for Women

Angela Roi - Olivia E Wallet

If you're looking for ultra chic high-quality vegan wallets for women, look no further than Angela Roi.

Based in New York City, all of Angela Roi’s exquisitely designed wallets are made in South Korea using durable EPUL vegan leather in sweatshop-free factories.

All of the wallets sold by Angela Roi are all big enough to fit all your cards and cash, but still small enough to bring with you wherever you go without being bulky.

You have the option to choose between wallets with zippers, clutches, or snap buttons, and exactly the number of card slots and pockets you need.

The reason why Angela Roi’s products stand out is the attention to detail as well as the incredible craftsmanship that goes into each item. The detailing of a single vegan wallet can take several months to ensure the perfect look.

It is no wonder that Angela Roi has established themselves as a leading brand in the luxury vegan market.

*Victoria has their Olivia E Wallet (pictured above) and absolutely LOVES it! The wallet has held up beautifully with no signs of wear. 

Image Credit: Angela Roi

Matt & Natt - Loom Wallet

Matt & Nat has been a forerunner in the vegan fashion industry for years. During that time, they have made a name for themselves for designing elegant and practical wallets for both men and women.

The name Matt & Nat is short for Mat(T)erial and NATure which reflects on their collection. Matt & Nat’s wallets are tastefully designed in a variety of colors that are easy to match with any outfit.

Whether you prefer a larger wallet that can fit everything you need or you want a smaller one to bring with you for a night out, Matt & Nat has it all.

Doshi - Vegan Accordion Wallet

Doshi is quite a newcomer to the vegan scene, and we were excited to learn more about what they offer. The brand manufactures a range of vegan wallets for both women and men made in high-quality microfiber leather. Their accordion wallet is our favorite.

The wallet is big enough to fit most smartphones which means it can even be used as a small purse. The best part is how affordable it is.

Doshi’s accordion vegan wallet comes in four different colors and is made from sustainable vegan leather that uses up to 99% less water and resources than a regular leather wallet!

If your intention is to mix luxury with sustainability without breaking the bank, you just have to get yourself a Doshi vegan wallet.

In many ways, Corkor has paved the way for other vegan wallet brands. They are also some of the biggest pioneers when it comes to using cork instead of leather.

Corkor is PETA and Humane League approved meaning they are guaranteed to be vegan certified. They also donate 1% of every purchase to organizations such as the Good Food Institute, Trees for the Future, and Animal Equality International.

In other words, when you buy one of Corkor’s many vegan wallets, you also help create a better world.

Compared to other cork leather wallets, the collection offered by Corkor is a bit darker in color and the styling is very minimalistic. Roughly half of the vegan women wallets are RFID protected if that’s a concern for you.

Corkor also makes handbags, purses, and other accessories made from cork in case you want to match your new wallet.

AISIKA - Trifold Multi-Card

AISIKA’s women vegan wallet is a high-quality tri-fold wallet for everyday use. The wallet is elegantly designed and comes in four different colors with a coin pocket, a separate photo holder, and nine card slots.

In addition, the wallet has been treated with an RFID safe material that will guarantee that your bank cards and IDs are kept safe from skimmers.

All things considered, the AISIKA wallet is perfect if you’re looking for a stylish yet affordable and safe wallet. Also, in our opinion, it makes for an excellent vegan gift for your loved ones.

Red Cube - Vintage Coin Purse

This vintage coin purse is the vegan embodiment of a classical coin purse that was often used before bank cards was a thing. This pouch is simple with a minimalistic design and just big enough to carry some money and a few cards.

The fermoir clasp gives this a vegan wallet a luxurious touch perfect for the woman who often finds herself carrying cash and coins. However, the best part is that the bag is completely cruelty-free and made from durable vegan leather.

Money Smart - Cork Wallet

Cork is a popular vegan-material that’s often used in wallets since it’s lightweight and flexible but also strong and durable. This particular wallet was created for everyday use and offers the essence of comfortability. It also has the right amount of space to fit your bank cards, gym cards, driver’s license, cash and a zipped pocket for coins.

Furthermore, the main selling point for this vegan wallet is safety. You see, besides being stylish and comfortable this wallet will keep your possessions safe. Firstly, the wallet is RFID safe meaning no one can steal you information using RFID scanners. Secondly, the cork material used for the wallet is both water and fire resistant.

Vegan Wallets for Men

Corkor - Bifold Front Pocket Wallet

As mentioned, Corkor is a pioneer when it comes to cork wallets and products, and their collection of vegan wallets for men is no exception.

We really like the variety of the Corkor collection and especially that they also sell models that mimic leather.

Out of all the wallets that Corkor offers, we think the RIFD protected front wallet and the bifold back pocket wallet are the two best, but they offer wallets for every style and preference.

Corkor has an excellent reputation of only producing the highest quality products and if you buy a wallet from them, you know it will last you for a long time.

Access Denied - Bifold Vegan Leather Wallet

Access Denied makes vegan versions of all the leather wallets you're used to. Just note that AD is not a fully-vegan company but they make cruelty-free wallets that are marked and sold as vegan.

The bifold regular wallet with a flip-up photo window is our personal favorite due to its clean appearance, but the trifold wallet gives you a bit more bang and room for your buck. But don’t worry, there is more. In fact, Access Denied offers an almost endless combination of slots, pockets, and other practical compartments.

In addition, there is a selection of minimalist credit card holders with or without money clips. Unlike the vegan leather wallets, the vegan cardholders are made from polyester.

Brave Gentleman

Brave Gentleman is an all vegan men's brand that offers a small range of selected wallets. Their classical leather wallet is made from high-quality Italian vegan leather and is artisan-crafted in New York City’s famous Garment District.

In addition, Brave Gentleman sells a simple card holder made from the same durable vegan leather as well as a snap wallet for coins. If you're planning to go travel, the wallet that can fit your passport as well as your most important cards and some cash while you’re on the road.

If bold sophistication is your thing, then Brave Gentleman is the brand for you. Their wallets are the perfect introduction to high-quality vegan leather accessories.

Image Credit: Brave Gentleman

Appaloosa Provisions - The Original Vegan Wallet

Appaloosa Provisions is an American brand that creates eco-friendly and sustainable wallets from recycled cork.

The original vegan wallet is a fashionable and very slim bifold wallet that can fit all your cards and notes without feeling bulky in your back pocket.

Since the wallet is made from recycled cork, the colors and patterns vary from each product. This means you will receive a completely unique wallet every time. And thanks to the brand’s dedication to sustainability, you can carry this accessory with pride, knowing that it had a minimal impact on the planet.

This wallet would also make the perfect vegan gift since they’re all delivered in cute gift boxes with the Appaloosa Provision logo on it.

Urban Lifestyle - Butterfly Wallet

Urban Lifestyle has designed a super-slim, minimalistic vegan wallet that will help save you up to 75% of your pocket or bag space.

The Butterfly wallet weighs less than 500 ounces (10 grams) and is made from weather resistant and long-lasting nylon. Even though this wallet holds 6 credit cards like most regular wallets, it’s considerably slimmer and far less bulky. You can even fill it to the brim without it taking up to much space.

The concept for this accessory is rooted in an active lifestyle and is great to bring with you on treks in the Himalayas, hikes, and other outdoor adventures.

As icing on the cake, the Urban Lifestyle Butterfly Wallet is very affordable.

Hempmania - Durable Vegan Wallet

Hemp is not only one of the most sustainable materials known to man but also one of the most durable. Thanks to this, hemp is a perfect material that many vegan wallet brands prefer.

Due to hemp's long-lasting abilities and sturdiness, this Hempania wallet is optimal for travelers and people that live active lifestyles.

In addition to being mindful of the materials used in this wallet, Hempmania also guarantees that their products are manufactured following strict eco-friendly guidelines by an indigenous Mayan family in Guatemala.

The practical velcro strap secures the wallet and makes sure that it stays shut and the thin design makes it easy to slip into either a front or back pocket. And the compartments for bills and coins are both protected with a zipper that helps keep the money dry when the wallet gets wet.

Matt and Nat

In addition to making great fashionable accessories for women, Matt & Nat also offers a range of vegan items for men. That being said, their selection is a bit more limited and at the moment they only offer three vegan wallets for men.

In our opinion, the Skyler travel wallet is the most price worthy. It can carry all your regular wallet items as well as your passport, tickets, insurance cards, and even a small pen. The wallet also has a strap that makes carrying easier and that allows you to attach it to a bag.

If you’re looking for a smaller vegan wallet, we suggest you check out Matt & Nat’s black minimalistic vegan leather wallet.

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