Vegan Watches: The Best Cruelty-Free Timepieces in 2021

girl and guy holding hands wearing vegan watches

Watches are perhaps one of the most timeless accessories.

Not only does a watch tell you the time, but in many ways, a watch completes an outfit.

Luckily for vegans, there are a ton of stunning watches to choose from that no animal had to die for.

Besides the obvious solution of buying a watch made from stainless steel or another metal, there are many stylish and durable vegan watches available for both women and men.

The following vegan watch brands offer endless designs made from vegan leather that looks so real it will have you doing a double take to sustainable and recycled fabric.

You can even find eco-friendly watches made from pineapple leather and hemp.

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up the 7 best vegan watches that are 100% cruelty-free and fashion forward.

Do you already have a watch with a leather strap?

No worries, further down on this page we provide recommendations for how you can switch your strap on your own.

Votch - Stylish Vegan Watches

Image Credit: Votch

Potentially the most well-known vegan watch brand of all, Votch makes stunning timepieces using high-quality vegan PU leather and mesh metal straps.

Today, Votch offers a handful of collections including their very first collection that sold out in only a few months during the initial release in 2016 as well as one collection made entirely out of pineapple leather (Pinatex).

And even though most watches were designed for women, there are certain models that are suitable for men.

To make things even better, Votch has committed to collaborating with a new vegan charity every three months to donate 10% of profits!

This means every purchase you make goes to a bigger cause.

Votch is based in England and is PETA approved which means they only use cruelty-free materials.

They also provide free worldwide shipping.

  • Specializes in: Faux leather straps and mesh metal.
  • Models: Women with some being unisex.
  • Price range: $150 - $180
  • Based in: The UK

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Hurtig Lane - Affordable and Minimalistic Timepieces

Hurtig Lane watch in case

Image Credit: Hurtig Lane

Hurtig Lane is another PETA approved brand producing award-winning minimalistic vegan watches in a range of styles and colors.

Similar to Votch, Hurtig Lane sells vegan watches made from mesh metals and vegan leather.

Although, the brand also offers watches with straps made from rubber, nylon, and fabric.

With designated collections for both women and men, Hurtig Lane offers watches for everyone regardless of your personal style.

Compared to many similar brands, Hurtig Lane's vegan watches are very affordable, making their watches a perfect gift or a great first vegan watch purchase.

Specializes in: Quality design.
Models: Women and Men
Price range: $100 - $120
Based in: Barcelona

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Timex - Durable Selection of Vegan Watches for Affordable Prices

Close-up of a Timex timepiece

Image Credit: Timex

Although not completely vegan, Timex is a well-established American watch company that makes a range of watches using vegan materials.

Adam had a Timex watch with a nylon strap for many years and loved it.

The battery was great, and both the watch and the strap were durable surviving several years of long-term traveling.

Unlike the first two vegan watch brands on this list, Timex offers both digital and analog wrist watches for men and women.

They even offer vegan dive watches called Timex Expedition that can be used to a depth of 100+ ft (30 m) as well as some models designed for aviators and pilots.

Most of the Timex watches are unisex.

And as long as you don’t get a model with a leather strap, you can rest assured that your watch will be completely vegan.

Timex has been around since the 1850's and boasts the largest selection of affordable vegan watches that we know of.

  • Specializes in: Affordable watches for every occasion.
  • Models: Women, men and unisex
  • Price range: $25 - $65
  • Based in: The US

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TIVC: Time IV Change - Vegan Eco-Friendly Watches

TIVC watch at the beach

Image Credit: Time IV Change

TIVC is an all vegan watch brand based in Australia that strives to create simple watches that promote a compassionate and conscious lifestyle.

In fact, one of things we love most about TIVC is how transparent they are about their ethics.

You see, all of TIVC's vegan leather watches are handcrafted using sustainably sourced materials and vegan leathers made from pineapple (Pinatex), Italian eco suede, recycled polyester, and more.

The recycled materials are sourced from discarded clothes and plastic products and the watch cases are made from 100% recycled aluminium.

In other words, TIVC strives to create some of the most eco-friendly and ethically produced watches on the market.

The brand is also constantly on the lookout for new innovative ways to minimize their environmental impact.

Lately, TIVC has started making other vegan accessories as well ranging from wallets, passport holders, and even luggage tags.

  • Specializes in: Eco vegan leather and recycled polyester.
  • Models: Men and women.
  • Price range: $130 - $200
  • Based in: Australia with free worldwide shipping for orders over $70.

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NOX-BRIDGE - Vegan Watches Made From World Class Workmanship

NOX-BRIDGE with metal strap

Image Credit: NOX-BRIDGE

NOX-BRIDGE was created by a group of watchmakers from New Zealand that wanted to offer elegant and timeless cruelty-free watches without compromising the quality.

Since 2014, NOX-BRIDGE has been experimenting with a multitude of animal-friendly materials and watch models in order to create the best vegan watches out there.

At the moment, NOX-BRIDGE’s collection isn’t as large as some of the other watch brands on this list. Although, they often offer seasonal and limited models so that you can get a unique piece.

NOX BRIDGE's vegan watch straps are completely waterproof to prevent damage caused by water and sweat.

In addition, the watches are made in Japan to ensure the highest quality.

Also, despite the elegant and classy design, NOX-BRIDGE watches are extremely durable.

Specializes in: Timeless elegant designs.
Models: Women and men.
Price range: $225 - $250
Based in: New Zealand

Olivia Burton - Innovative One of a Kind Watch Designs

Olivia Burton is a brand founded by two best friends, and although it is not completely vegan, they have made an effort to cater to vegans.

On their website, they have a whole section dedicated to vegan-friendly and sustainable watches which makes it very easy to find what you’re looking for.

Olivia Burton is mostly known for their innovative and intricate designs, and they were originally made famous for their abstract floral prints.

In order to set themselves apart, Olivia Burton has committed to creating unique one of a kind styles that you won’t find elsewhere.

So far, Olivia Burton only offers vegan watches for women, and as far as we know, the brand unfortunately has no intentions of designing men’s vegan watches.

  • Specializes in: Floral prints.
  • Models: Women.
  • Price range: $95 - $200
  • Based in: The UK

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CPTN - Peta Approved Vegan Timepieces

A black CPTN watch on table

Image Credit: CPTN

This vegan watch brand offers PETA approved minimalist watch designs inspired by sea voyages and world travels.

CPTN takes veganism very seriously and has pledged to never use any materials derived from animals in their products.

Their styles are super modern and classic, and all of their straps are made from the best vegan leather to ensure that they are both comfortable and long-lasting.

CPTN was first launched in Australia but recently moved to Scotland to expand their global influence.

At the moment, they only offer one collection called the Seafarer with models for men and women.

However, CPTN is working on launching more models in the near future so stay tuned.

  • Specializes in: Modern and innovative designs.
  • Models: Men and women.
  • Price range: $70 - $80
  • Based in: The UK

How to Veganize a Leather Strap Watch

If you already have a watch that has a leather strap and you don’t want to spend the money buying a new one, you can always change your strap for a vegan watch strap.

All of the brands listed above offer separate watch straps in different colors and materials.

You can also find a lot of vegan leather watch straps on Amazon.

Just make sure that you buy a strap that is the right size or it won’t fit.

If you don’t remember the strap size, you can see if the size is engraved on the back of your watch.

Otherwise, you can use this simple watch size guide to get the measurements.

Just note that watches are almost always measured using the metric system and millimeters meaning a regular American ruler might not be sufficient.

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