13 Best Vegan Winter Coats for Men and Women in 2021

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As two people who religiously chase the sun, the only thing that makes us excited about the winter season is the amazing selection of vegan winter coats on the market for both men and women. 

You see, most winter jackets today are either filled with down, come with fur collars, or have leather details. 

Luckily, as the demand for ethical and cruelty-free fashion grows, it has never been easier to find a functional warm vegan winter coat.

Today brands and companies are inspiring change by creating vegan down jackets with high-tech and innovative materials.

These vegan down alternatives are designed to keep you just as warm and insulated but without the cruelty of geese and ducks having their feathers plucked from their skin.

With that said, cozy up and grab a hot drink because we are going to cover all of the warmest vegan winter jackets for a cruelty-free winter season!

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Best Vegan Winter Coats for Women

Vegan winter coats for women

Alpine North for Women

If you've been searching for a vegan version of the classical winter parka, this vegan winter jacket from Alpine North is your answer.

Filled with vegan down and a removable faux fur hood, this is potentially one of the warmest vegan winter coats on the market.

Whether you’re living in a city or planning to go skiing, you're guaranteed to stay warm.

It has an arm pocket for your ski pass and rib knit cuffs with thumb-holes to protect from snow. In addition, it has an inside pocket designed for headphones and your phone charger.

Check different colors and find the jacket here.

White Alpine North Vegan Winter Jacket

Save the Duck for Women

Save the Duck is an incredible eco-friendly and animal-free brand making vegan jackets for both men and women.

All of their hooded snow jackets, insulated trench coats, quilted coats, fleece jackets, blazers, and even backpacks are all 100% vegan, durable, and super stylish.

Lately, they started offering vegan winter jackets made from recycled material. So if you're looking for an eco and vegan-friendly selection of coats to lay your hands on, look no further.

The recycled quilted jacket for women is a favorite designed to keep you warm and dry throughout the harshest of weather.

Read Save the Duck reviews and check availability here.

Save The Duck Long Quilted Coat

Land’s End for Women

Land’s End is an American company that strives to offer durable and practical winter clothing including jackets and vegan sweaters.

Their range of vegan coats is varied, and several of the best models come with faux fur collars and lightweight vegan PrimaLoft insulation.

Their Squall Insulated Winter Parka is a top choice for dreary winter conditions consisting of snow and rain. Extra insulation is provided in the upper body for extra warmth.

In addition, this vegan coat is waterproof and even comes with a ThermaCheck®-300 fleece lining in the top and the hood.

Find prices and availability here.

Land's End teal vegan coat for the winter

Vaute Couture

Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart's vegan fashion brand Vaute Couture has been at the forefront of creating cruelty-free vegan winter jackets for years.

All Vaute coats are made locally in New York City's garment district and are not only sustainable but free from all traditional non-vegan outerwear materials. With cutting-edge materials, their coats are designed to keep you warm and toasty.

Eddie Bauer Girl on the Go Trench Coat

Girl on the Go Trench Coat for Eddie Bauer is a vegan winter jacket made from 100% polyester. Not only is it designed in a stylish version of the classical winter trench coat, but it’s practical with two zippers in front, several pockets, a removable hoodie.

However, the best part is that it’s made from waterproof and wind resistant material that is guaranteed to keep you both dry and warm this winter.

See prices and sizes here.

Black Eddie Bauer Trench Coat

Didriksons for Women

Didriksons winter jackets is a staple item in most Scandinavians’ wardrobes. In fact, all their jackets are so durable that they are often passed on from generation to generation.

The Didriksons Ladies Stacie Jacket is a hybrid jacket meaning it is as suitable for stylish city wear as it is for heavy and freezing cold weather in the outdoors.

Looking for a great vegan winter jacket for all-around use? Then look no further!

Read reviews of this popular coat here.

Didriksons Black Faux Hooded Winter Jacket

The North Face for Women

From the peaks of the Himalayas to the cities of North America, The North Face has been keeping people warm for decades.

They are known around the world for offering some of the best jackets and outdoor products for everyday use, and their amazing vegan winter coats is no exception.

The Thermoball is water-resistant and insulated with The North Face’s own ThermoBall™ vegan down and is guaranteed to keep warm whenever you need it.

Click here for the latest styles and prices.

North Face Quilted Vegan Winter Jacket


HoodLamb is a Peta approved brand that is striving to inspire change with their collection of vegan winter jackets for men and women.

Hemp is at the cornerstone of HoodLamb's sustainable and cruelty-free fashion line. In fact, the company uses natural hand-harvested hemp to create their stylish and cozy vegan coats because of the fabric's environmentally friendly composition, durability, and comfort.

Their Nordic parkas feature Thermore Ecodown lining, a duck-less down, so you can be confident that you will stay warm even in the coldest of temperatures.

Check availability here.

Hood Lamb Nordic Parka

Vegan Winter Coats for Men

Vegan Jackets for Men

Save the Duck for Men

As mentioned, Save the Duck is one of top eco-friendly and vegan apparel brands in the world. Their range of jackets spans from windbreakers and blazers to heavy-duty vegan winter coats made from 100% recycled material.

The quilted hooded jacket for men is the perfect solution for the active man needing to stay warm in dry but mild weather during fall, winter, and spring.

Buy this durable vegan men's coat here.

Quilted Navy Save The Duck Jacket For Men

Didriksons for Men

Didriksons might be one of the best outdoor companies in the world.

Recently, the company vowed to never use leather, fur or down in any of their products.

Their Drew Parka Jacket is a highly practical jacket that has been a cornerstone in their selection for years and it's a great all-around winter jacket. Wear this vegan coat around town or on your next hike and enjoy perfect usability with a range or practical pockets and perfect all vegan insulation.

Click here to buy this vegan jacket that will last you a lifetime.

Black Long Didriksons Vegan Men's Coat

Land’s End for Men

Land’s End PrimaLoft Snow Jacket is a great waterproof and insulated vegan winter coat for men living in a mild to cold (-15 degrees) climate.

The jacket comes in a range of colors, is made from a breathable polyester material, and works as well on the commute to work as it does on the ski slope.

Order the Land's End vegan jacket for men here.

Navy Land's End Vegan Coat

The North Face for Men

The North Face actually has several vegan-friendly jackets and other clothing products, but in our opinion, the Thermoball is the best vegan winter coat they offer.

This jacket is extremely lightweight, water-resistant, has a practical hoodie, internal pockets, and is insulted with vegan down that will keep you warm and cozy. Pick from the many colors on offer to perfectly match your style.

Read reviews of the vegan North Face Thermoball jacket here.

Quilted Navy North Face Men's Jacket

Alpine North for Men

This is the perfect vegan coat if you’re planning to spend extended periods of time in a really cold winter climate.

Filled with temperature adaptable vegan down, a longer fit, and a water-resistant outer layer, this jacket from Alpine North will resist any kind of snow, rain, and sleet.

Alpine North’s vegan down jacket for men comes in four stylish colors with a range of practical and waterproof pockets as well as straps that allow you to adjust everything from the fit to the hood.

Order the coat here.

Black Alpine North Men's Vegan Jacket

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