Best Vegan Restaurants in Malmö – Sweden’s Most Vegan-Friendly City

Vegan restaurants in Malmö

Sweden’s third biggest city and the link between southern Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark has recently experienced an explosion of new and hip vegan restaurants. In fact, over 10% of the Swedish population considers themselves vegetarian or vegan, and in a few years Malmö went from having a couple of specialized vegan places to an impressive scene of great vegan food within walking distance from anywhere in the city. Here you can find everything from acai bowls and healthy raw vegan food, to traditional veganized Swedish cuisine, and other scrumptious vegan grub. 


Vegan restaurants in Malmö

Kao’s was the go-to vegan restaurant in Malmö before vegan food was on anyone’s mind in the region. Every lunch they serve ‘Today’s Soup’ with an amazingly colorful all you can eat vegan buffet, as well as a “Fake of the Day” consisting of the chef’s choice of mock meat. At dinner time they offer a comprehensive ala carte menu and a wide array of local and international craft beers. They also offer a great amount of homemade and delectable vegan desserts including the Swedish classic prinsesstårta, a strawberry shortcake topped with a layer of marzipan almond paste!

Price range: 75 SEK - 120 SEK ($8,50 - $13). Desserts sell for 15 SEK - 25 SEK ($1,70 - $3)

Vegan Bar

Vegan restaurants in Malmö

Vegan Bar opened in 2015 and has already established themselves as one of the best vegan restaurants in Malmö. Their concept is easy - delicious burgers and ice cold beer. The menu lets you choose from one of 6 main options that you combine with your patty and bun of choice. Everything that’s served in the restaurant is homemade including their exceptional and complimentary vegan mayo as well as all the patties. We highly recommend that you try their Chili Mayo burger on a freshly baked sourdough bun!

Price range: 80 SEK - 140 SEK ($9 - $16)

Vegan Soul Train

Vegan restaurants in Malmö

When Europe’s first all vegan food truck, Vegan Soul Train, opened up in Stockholm 2014 people had little faith. The food truck concept was, and still is, very new on the Swedish market and there couldn’t possibly be enough vegans to feed?

To everyone's surprise the truck was an instant hit and they immediately started attracting hordes of both vegans and non-vegans. After a few good years in the capital the owners decided it was time for something new and decided to move the truck down to Malmö during the spring of 2017. You'll find the Vegan Soul Train parked along side a couple of other food trucks in Folkets park. We were lucky enough to get to try it and honestly still have withdrawals from their gluten free tacos!

Price range: 35 SEK - 70 SEK ($4 - $8)

Zen Sushi

Vegan restaurants in Malmö

If you’re ever in Malmö and need a vegan sushi fix you’ll need to take a 10 minute train ride to the nearby town (and Adam's hometown!) of Lund. Zen Sushi in Lund serves some of the best sushi we have ever had and the presentation is on point. Even though the restaurant isn’t 100% plant based they offer close to 10 dishes that can easily be veganized.

Price range: 75 SEK - 150 SEK ($8.50 - $18)


Vegan restaurants in Malmö

A bonus tip for any vegan or non-vegan visiting Malmö is to try some of the best falafels in the Western World. The city is literally scattered with small Middle Eastern eateries serving authentic and amazing food on demand. The competition is high and only the best restaurants survive, therefore you can’t really go wrong with your choice!

Price range: 15 SEK - 35 SEK ($1,70 - $4)

Vegan restaurants in Malmö


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