The Easiest Way To Extend Your 30 Day Bali Visa on Arrival

Ever thought about retiring on a tropical island, if only for a few months? We sure have! It’s no secret that we love Bali and especially Ubud where we have rented a villa and lived for severals months at a time. Hence, the reason why we try to stay as long as we can! But did you know that living in Bali for an extended period of time is fairly easy if you plan in advance? The only real issue, which is easily arranged, is getting the right visa for Bali. We have gone through the process several times and we’ll cover the entire process of how to extend your 30-day visa on arrival in Bali.

We’ll walk you through what we think is the easiest way of extending your visa in Bali but also explain how to extend it on your own as well as highlight the different visas that are available.

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The Ins and Outs of Digital Nomad Life in Budapest

Budapest has quickly become one of the biggest digital nomad hubs. In fact, Budapest is one of the most popular destinations for anyone traveling in Europe at the moment, and for good reason. With a combination of fascinating history and a culture where East meets West, the Hungarian capital is boasting with charm and opportunities, but also recent struggles and a backwards political system. So what is it like to actually live in Budapest?

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Why We Stopped Backpacking and Changed the Way We Slow Travel

Long-term travel changes you. The moment you realize that long-term slow travel is possible your life will change and it will never be the same again. Living without a permanent address for years on end has a profound impact on the way you look at the world. Suddenly, you belong to destinations scattered around the world and not just a single location back home.

Buying a one-way ticket to Asia without a plan on returning gives you the ultimate sense of freedom. You get to a destination where you can do exactly what you want. And when you get bored of doing that you can move on to the next place. No destination is ever too far away and home is wherever you are that day.

But what if the freedom gets too repetitive? What if the endless wandering starts to feel like a routine? Can that even happen?

It happened to us. But it didn’t stop us from traveling, it just pushed us to do things differently.

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Why Warsaw is an Underrated Destination for Digital Nomads in Europe

Warsaw impressed us from the moment we arrived. When we booked our flights neither of us really knew what to expect. Victoria had been to Poland once before and liked Warsaw a lot, but that was almost 7 years ago.

Luckily enough, our ten days living as digital nomads in Warsaw turned out to be an incredible experience. Aside from the vegan food scene that’s one of the best in the world, there was so much more to the Polish capital. 

Warsaw is a modern and upcoming city that offers a comfortable yet still relatively low-cost European lifestyle. The city has a great cafe scene, trendy bars, a high standard and impressive efficiency, and some of the friendliest people we’ve encountered in Europe.

We found Warsaw to be one of the best digital nomad cities in Europe and a considerably underrated destination. Let’s get started on the hippest neighborhoods to stay in, cost of living, coworking spaces, and what to do. 

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Vegan Travel

Living as Digital Nomads in Lisbon: All Your Questions Answered

Portugal has without a doubt been one of the hottest travel destinations in the world this year. The country is praised for its beautiful beaches, great all year round weather, and impressive history. After searching around for where to spend the summer, we decided to check out the Portuguese capital and ended up living as digital nomads in Lisbon for two months. We got there in early July and left in early September and got to experience the city during its peak season.

If you’re considering living in Lisbon, we have some tips to help get you started. Our in-depth guide offers practical advice about accommodation and what areas are best to live in as well as information about expenses, transportation, coworking spaces, and more.

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The Complete Guide on How to Rent a House in Ubud

The more time we’ve spent traveling throughout the years the more we’ve found ourselves longing for a place to stay for an extended period of time. Slow, long term traveling offers the incredible opportunity to live in different regions around the world and create a base. This allows you to truly get to know a place in a way that you wouldn’t if you were only there for a few days or a week. 

We first visited Ubud, Bali in the beginning of 2016 and instantly fell in love with it. This was definitely a place we could see ourselves living in. The serenity, the rice field views, and the abundance of vegan food – it was perfect for us. 

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Christiania: A Separate Society within Copenhagen

Freetown Christiania is a social and political experiment located in the area of Christianshavn in central Copenhagen. It’s an area where free thinkers, hippies, and people with alternative interests like yoga, meditation, etc. are always welcome

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Superfood Spices: DIY Amla and Turmeric Capsules

We all know the importance of staying healthy especially while traveling. This especially true in places where it can be difficult to control your diet and where you are constantly subjected to all types of foreign bacteria, different sleeping patterns, drastic changes in temperature, etc. To ensure we are boosting our immune systems on a daily basis we load up on superfood spices.

Spices are powerhouses of nutrition. They are packed full of antioxidants, offer major nutritional benefits without calories, and are easy to pack which means that they are perfect to take with you on your travels. Two of the healthiest spices that we try to consume every day and that we always pack when we go traveling are amla powder and turmeric.

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