Momos – A Homage to Nepal’s Beloved Dumpling

Momos are a delicious type of South Asian dumpling and a favorite in Nepal. In fact, momos are sold everywhere and are literally eaten by everyone in the country. Nepalese momos come in several versions and the veg momos are always vegan. For the most part, momos are stuffed with cabbage, onions, and ginger but are sometimes filled with potatoes and other vegetables.

Momos are usually served steamed or fried accompanied with chutney – a spicy dipping sauce that the locals call ashar.

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What is a Vegan?

A vegan is someone who has taken an ethical choice to live a life that in no way exploits other living beings for food, clothing, cosmetics, or similar purposes. To do so a vegan not only excludes all animal products from his or her diet, including all meat (fish and chicken included!), dairy, eggs and honey but also avoids using any form of leather, suede, wool and silk. Vegans also do not use products that have been tested on or in any way contain ingredients from animals. A vegan also refuses to contribute or participate in activities where animals are used to entertain humans such as circuses, zoos, horse racing, etc.

The term veganism was first mentioned by Donald Watson, Secretary of the Leicester Vegetarian Society and the founder of the Vegan Soceity, in 1944 as a way to better describe the life of strict vegetarians. It then took another 30+ years (until 1979) before the term got an official definition by the Memorandum and Articles of Association describing veganism as:

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How to Travel Sustainably

et’s face it. The Earth is in shambles and we are the ones to blame for it. Our love for plastic, consumption of animal products, and addiction to fossil fuels is literally killing the planet. Our oceans and waterways are contaminated, our forests are shrinking, pollution is at an all time high, animals are dying and the health of humanity is at risk, yet very little is done to fix it.

How can live and travel sustainably? First, let’s try and understand what some of the biggest problems are.

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Eating Vegan in Thailand – Helpful Thai Phrases and Tips

Thailand is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world and for a good reason. The affordability and ease of traveling the country coupled with the food, beaches and friendliness of the locals makes it a hot spot among many. In fact, Thailand was the first country I started my first major backpacking trip in 2013 and is a place I often find myself returning to. So what is the deal with eating vegan in Thailand?

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Why We Cold Brew Hibiscus Tea Around the World

Cold brew hibiscus tea has quickly become one of my favorite go-to beverages. It’s fresh, it’s tart, and it’s deep red color is enough to entice anyone. Loose leaf hibiscus or hibiscus tea bags (whichever you prefer) are easy to pack so it is perfect to bring with you when you’re traveling. As an avid fan of Dr. Gregor, I was thoroughly intrigued to find out that hibiscus tea beat out green tea and every other drink in terms of antioxidant power. That’s right, out of 282 beverages studied, hibiscus tea came out as the healthiest beverage of all! I was impressed. Even beating out green tea?! Though, I wasn’t about to ditch my beloved jasmine pearl tea, I wanted to find a way to incorporate hibiscus tea on a daily basis for all of its amazing health benefits so I started to cold brew it. Hibiscus tea can be also be prepared as a hot tea but I prefer the crisp smooth taste of cold brewing it which is especially refreshing on a hot day.

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Eat like a Local – Vegan Food in Bali

Bali is perhaps one of the easiest tropical destinations to visit for any vegan. Not only due to the abundance of tempeh and vegan restaurants serving world class food from all corners of the world but also because of the vegan-friendly local cuisine. Let’s just say you won’t go hungry with access to all of this delicious vegan food in Bali. 

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