Eat Like a Roman – The Best Vegan Restaurants in Rome

For the food lover, there is quite possibly no better place to eat than in Rome, with amazing vegan options for every occasion. Are you looking for a great dinner experience with an amazing bottle of wine? A quick pizza for lunch? An abundance of vegan gelato? Mouthwatering breakfast for under $2? Vegan parmesan that is so good it will have you doing a double take? Rome has it all!

We have spent close to four months living in the Eternal City, and we tried every vegan restaurant, cafe, and gelato place that we could locate. Our Rome food guide breaks down the vegan restaurants in Rome.

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Vegan Skin Care Products

Our Favorite Vegan Cruelty Free Skin Care Products in 2018

Living a vegan lifestyle is about more than what you eat, it also extends to your lifestyle and means using cruelty free products in your every day life. It just so happens to be an added bonus that these vegan skin care products aren’t full of chemicals and other toxic ingredients. Don’t forget that your skin is your largest organ and absorbs whatever you put on it which is why you don’t want to use harmful ingredients.

In our search of the best vegan skin care products, we have tried dozens of brands over the years. In order to help you find the best products to use at home and on the road when you travel, we have put together a list of our absolute favorite vegan skin care products. These are quality products that have surpassed our expectations, and most importantly are never tested on animals.

This cruelty free products list includes our favorite companies, some that we’ve been using for years and some that we’ve only discovered recently. All of the brands in our list are cruelty free and offer vegan skin care products. 

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When in Rome: Italian Croissants and Cappuccino For Breakfast

The smell of fresh coffee fills your nose as you’re salivating over the many croissants staring back at you. But it’s hard to stay focused. Orders are being shouted out in Italian at what seems like a thousand words a second, you can’t seem to identify a line, elbows are out in full force, and the fast paced atmosphere leaves you feeling confused. You start to feel overwhelmed until you refocus on the goal – cornettos.

Most vegans probably think they’ll never be able to indulge in this doughy goodness ever again. But we have great news for you, when you’re in Italy you can enjoy these horn shaped delights daily, even as a vegan!

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The 6 Best Restaurants for Vegan Food in Lisbon

Portugal has been on everyone’s mind lately and we recently wrote about our experience living as digital nomads in Lisbon for two months. During those two months, our main focus was to hunt down the best vegan food in Lisbon. We ended up eating at as many restaurants as we possible could and even found one of the best vegan cakes we’ve ever eaten.

What we came to realize is that even though the Portuguese are known for their meaty cuisine and custard tarts, Lisbon boasts plenty of options for the vegan traveler. We tried many restaurants, but these were the spots that really blew us away.

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Vegan Cooking Class in Ubud – An Organic Farm to Plate Experience

It was quite obvious that we had to do a vegan cooking class in Ubud, Bali since we love the Balinese cuisine (hello tempeh!) and because Ubud is one of the most vegan friendly places we’ve ever visited. 

After searching through the many cooking schools in Ubud we found one that checked all of our boxes. It was very hands-on, check. It offered the possibility to make vegan dishes, check. And most importantly we would learn how to make our beloved peanut sauce, double check!

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie bowls have taken the world by storm and are by far the hottest food trend out there. They come in all kinds of flavors and can be found pretty much anywhere in the world. We had our first experience with this creamy delight a little more than a year ago in Koh Lanta, Thailand. We fell in love after the first spoon full and has ever since kept seeking out smoothie bowls everywhere we go. Bali has so far proven to be the place offering the biggest variety of these delicious bowls and this is also where we got the idea to start making our own. We’ve made all kinds of smoothie bowls with berries, tropical fruit, different kinds of plant based milks, and, of course, chocolate. Our favorite so far has been this amazing and protein packed smoothie bowl with chocolate and peanut butter!

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Creamy Vegan Avocado Pesto

One of my favorite things to enjoy is a huge bowl of creamy avocado pesto pasta! It’s an exciting version of a classic pesto and it only takes a few minutes to prepare, but the best part is that it is packed full of vital nutrition! I normally make it with penne or rigatoni but you can use whatever kind of pasta that you prefer.

The pesto only takes a few minutes to prepare and since I’m always hungry I normally start to heat the water for the pasta on the stove before I start with the sauce. However, you can make the pesto in advance and even keep it in the fridge for a few days before using it as well.

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Broccoli, Leek, and Potato Soup

This soup has been a favorite of mine since I was a kid. It’s easy to prepare and it can be eaten all year around. It can also be a good way to use up any vegetables you might have laying around before they go old.

The base of the soup is broccoli, leek and soup but you can add pretty much any vegetable in it. Personally I love adding eggplant, zucchini and carrots in it but anything that can be boiled and blended can go in it.

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